Dear : Please cancel the playoffs before the Giants win another World Series

Sigh.The postseason is upon us, but whatever. We know how this ends: The Giants will win the World Series — again. (Yes,

they will.)It's all so predictable, so why even bother? Let’s just go 1994 on everything and call the whole thing off. There’s no reason to move forward with this silly charade. You know it’s true. Search your feelings. It’s an even year. MORE: Ranking the top 50 players in baseball's postseasonC’mon, Jason. The even year junk is a bunch of crap.Agree to disagree. It’s as real as Cardinal Devil Magic. (And thank goodness we don’t have to deal with that this year.) Plus, once the Giants somehow were able to collapse and make the postseason, it became all too real once again.Seriously, the Giants are going to win. Not the Cubs. Not the Indians. Not the Mets. The Giants. It’s 2016. It’s what they do. It can’t be stopped. Baseball won’t allow it.Now you’re just being silly, Jason.Why are you fighting this? It doesn’t matter what the stats say. It doesn’t matter how hot the other teams are or how cold the Giants appear to be. Like day follows night and like disappointment follows postseasons in Atlanta, the Giants are going to win again. There’s nothing anybody can do about it.So, please, , just call it all off. For the good of the game. For the sanity of everyone.Of course, I know that’s a pipedream. I'm not crazy.  will surely insist on going forward with this joyless march to inevitability. Our only hope is that things will be somewhat entertaining along the way.But, Jason, what if the Giants don’t even make it to the World Series?You’re funny. Look at a calendar, dude. That sure would be nice, though. But we don’t live in that kind of utopia.It's an interesting thought, though: What if the Giants weren’t involved in the 2016 World Series?MORE: Every team's worst postseason memoryHere are my rankings of World Series matchups, from most desirable to least desirable.Cubs-Indians: This would be epic. Someone would end a long drought. Cubs in five. Sorry, Cleveland. But you know that’s what would happen.Cubs-Red Sox: Not as epic as it would’ve been in 2003, but still highly watchable. Red Sox in six.Cubs-Orioles: This could be fascinating. Joe Maddon vs. Buck Showalter. A battle of the minds. Finally, a World Series with 21st century baseball thinking. Orioles in seven.Cubs-Rangers: The Rangers haven’t had much luck in the World Series. Cubs in five.Cubs-Blue Jays: Lots of offense. Offense is good. Cubs in six.Dodgers-Red Sox: Could be fun, could be boring. Red Sox in five. They’re the Giants of the American League, you know.Dodgers-Indians: I’d watch. Dodgers in six.Dodgers-Rangers: This doesn’t excite me. Rangers in seven. Why not?Dodgers-Orioles: Feels like something that probably happened in an alternate early ‘80s reality. Orioles in six.Dodgers-Blue Jays: Eh, that's a lot of blue.Mets-Red Sox: Hey, 1986! But 30 years later! Red Sox in four.Mets-Indians: I think last year’s World Series was a preview of how this would play out. Sorry, Mets fans. Indians in five.Mets-Rangers: This is only mildly interesting. Rangers in seven.Mets-Orioles: Party like it’s 1969! But no miracle this time. Orioles in six.Mets-Blue Jays: Tolerable, but meh.Nationals-Red Sox: Just kidding. The Nationals won't make it this far.Nationals-Indians: Just kidding. The Nationals won't make it this far.Nationals-Rangers: Just kidding. The Nationals won't make it this far.Nationals-Orioles: Just kidding. The Nationals won't make it this far. Nationals-Blue Jays: Just kidding. The Nationals won't make it this far.Alas ...We live in a broken world, so none of that is going to happen. This postseason will end in one of five ways:Giants-Red Sox: I guess this could be interesting. But whatever. Giants would win.Giants-Indians: The Indians would have a chance to slay decades worth of demons, but the Giants would still win.Giants-Orioles: Everyone outside of the Bay Area would be rooting for the Orioles in this All-Halloween Colors World Series, but the Giants would still win.Giants-Blue Jays: The Giants can win in other countries, too.Giants-Rangers: See 2010.MORE: Worst World Series winners of the past 30 years, rankedWhy do you hate the Giants, Jason?I don’t hate the Giants. I hate boredom. Once the Giants reach the playoffs in an even year, the outcome is decided. We see this outcome every two years. This outcome is boring.Wait, are you serious? Do you really think this is inevitable?We exist in a fixed timeline, according to my extensively researched theories on spacetime. (I got my physics degree from the Appalachian State University communications department.)Marty McFly can’t help us. Neither can Sam from “Quantum Leap” and neither can the guys from “Voyagers,” which, if you were born after about 1978, you won’t remember.Nope, we’re stuck. Go ahead and measure ring sizes and plan the parade route through downtown San Francisco. It’s all about to happen — again.Nothing can be done.Time is a flat circle, as deep and penetrating as Hunter Pence's eyes.