Bartolo Colon’s home run gets its own baseball card

Baseball Hurry, hurry, hurry. This is a limited-time offer: Mets pitcher and social media icon Bartolo Colon will get his own baseball card honoring his home run from Saturday.Colon, 17 days shy of his 43rd birthday, became the oldest player to hit his first career homer when he lined a fastball from the Pad

res' James Shields into the left-field seats. MORE: We ranked the best Topps designs from the 21st CenturyNow, the moment is captured as part of the Topps Now line, in which the card company takes memorable current moments and turns them into instant cards available for only 24 hours. Hey @Mets did you see our newest #TOPPSNOW card? Get it here for a limited time:— Topps Company (@toppscards) May 8, 2016The $9.99 card is on sale only until 11:30 a.m. ET Monday.It includes a nod to announcer Gary Cohen's call "the impossible has happened" with the text "The Impossible Becomes Possible."