Dodgers won't be penalized for using lasers to direct outfielders

Baseball null The Dodgers reportedly won't be punished for using laser rangefinders before their game against the Mets at the end of May, Fox Sports reported Thursday.The rangefinders, which were used to mark where outfielders should be, were only used before the game and not during the game, which the league said was allowed. MORE: Most memorable baseball brawls since 1976If the devices had been used during the game, the

Dodgers would have violated 's electronics rule. However, the Mets were not pleased about the use of the rangefinders and contacted the league after they found out the Dodgers used them at Citi Field. They also did not want the Dodgers to mark their field to position the outfielders.As a result, sent a message to all clubs reminding them that golf tees, chalk and paint were not to be used to mark field position.