Jim Harbaugh is the dorkiest baseball dad ever

On Tuesday night, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh threw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to

the Tigers' home game against the Pirates, and he did it in the most Harbaugh way possible.Not only did "Coach Khaki Pants" tuck his Mark Fidrych jersey into his khaki pants, but he wore cleats and had his own glove. MORE: Celebrity first pitches | Harbaugh recruiting player he once babysat#Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and Miggy share a thought before he throws out his first ever ceremonial pitch. #Tigers pic.twitter.com/hBf8hIQtrH— Justin Rose (@JRoseWXYZ) June 30, 2015Heck, Harbaugh even used a rosin bag prior to his pitch, toed the mound and wound up prior to his pitch, which was well high. Harbaugh is serious about this. He just shoved a rosin bag into the back pocket of his khakis.— Alejandro Zúñiga (@ByAZuniga) June 30, [email protected] threw out tonight's first pitch! pic.twitter.com/N6xyurYMIK— #VoteTigers (@tigers) June 30, 2015If you're going to be that serious about a ceremonial pitch, you can't sail it high.