Marlins president says Ali family isn't angry about early tribute

null Baseball During Friday night's game between the Marlins and Mets, the Marlins flashed a tribute to Muhammad Ali, indicating the former boxer had died. The only problem is that the Ali family had not yet announced his death.Though the Marlins essentially announced Ali's death some two hours before the family confirmed it, Marlins president David Amson said Saturday that the Ali family is not upset with him or the team.  MORE: Rare photos of Ali from Ebony magazine"I reached out to someone very close to the family," Samson said, via ABC News. "Everything is fine. This came from the heart." Ali, 74, died Friday night in Phoenix, hundreds of miles from Miami. However, Samson said he has connections with the family and knew very soon after Ali died.When the tribute was made moments after the Mets defeated the Marlins 6-2, Samson said he didn't realize Ali's death had not been announced. "There's no way I would have broken the news of Muhammad Ali's passing," he said. "That's certainly for the family to do.

But as far as I knew it had already been made public."