Yankees' Jacoby Ellsbury pulls off straight steal of home vs. Rays

If you don't keep an eye on Jacoby Ellsbury, he might just steal a run.That's just what the Yankees outfielder did Friday night against the Rays, when he pulled off a straight steal of home. It was the first such steal of home by a Yankee since Derek Jeter on May 5, 2001, against the Orioles. MORE: Best active players by ageAfter smacking a two-out single in the fifth inning and moving to second on a Didi Gregorius single, Ellsbury took third on a balk by pitcher Matt Moore. With runners now at second and third, Moore opted to work from the wind-up. Moore paid no attention as Ellsbury took a big lead off third and took off for home, sliding safely just ahead of the tag. The stolen run tied the game 3-3. Opposing pitchers should know b

y now to not sleep when Ellsbury's on third — Friday's wasn't his first straight theft of home. Here he is stealing home for the Red Sox against the Yankees in 2009.Friday's steal of home was Ellsbury's fifth stolen base of the year, though certainly his most daring so far.