Yasiel Puig has a 4-pack and is 'working on getting the other two back'

Baseball null Yasiel Puig is joining Bryce Harper's mission to Make Baseball Fun Again™ and part of that culture shift is to make yourself as fun as possible.Puig has done just that with his stream of hashtags on Twitter like #PuigNotScared, #PuigHungry, #PuigYourFriend and, of course, #PuigNotLate. The fun he's having on Twitter is a reflection of the personality change he's tried to embrace this season. Partly because his teammates used to hate him, but mainly because he wants people to get to know the real him. MORE: Capturing Puig's style on camera | Puig is so excited about this fishIn an effort to do that, he spoke at length with ESPN about his motivations this season. One of t

hose motivations was to get fit and regain his muscle. "I never really liked to go to the gym before, but because I'm trying to do things differently in 2016, I am training regularly to have the fitness I need to last the entire season. I got injured last year, but I don't think being overweight was the reason. But I acknowledge that last year it looked like I was five months pregnant."The team did ask me to lose weight this offseason, but that's not why I did it. I did it for myself. I can now go to the beach shirtless. I have my six-pack back. Well, I have about a four-pack right now. I am working on getting the other two back."MORE: That time Puig crashed a prom partyPuig was never really overweight, but he was larger than what the Dodgers wanted. So the Cuban-born player spent the offseason working out and came back with incredible results.Yasiel Puig recently measured at 7% body fat, person close to him said. Was at 11% last year.— Dylan Hernandez (@dylanohernandez) January 30, 2016He reportedly lost about 15 pounds, although he's still searching to get two-sixths of his pack back.