Did Chris Paul make a dirty play on Andre Iguodala? Warriors reportedly think so

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The Rockets did just enough Monday night to beat the Warriors in Game 4 of their Western Conference semifinal series, but we're talking about Houston and Golden State here, so the contest didn't end without some controversy. And to no one's surprise, Rockets guard Chris Paul was right in the middle of it.

Late in the fourth quarter, Warriors forward Andre Iguodala boxed out Paul and secured the ball off a James Harden missed free throw to give Golden State a chance to tie the game. (Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry both missed 3-pointers on the ensuing possession, and after being fouled by Iguodala on the rebound, Paul hit one of two free throws to ice it.) Paul appeared to clip Iguodala's left leg as he landed, and Iguodala immediately reached down for his knee.

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Iguodala met with a Warriors trainer during the timeout, and he later left the Toyota Center with a noticeable limp. That might set off alarm bells for the Golden State faithful, but Iguodala informed Warriors coach Steve Kerr he would be ready for Game 5, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

It doesn't sound like Warriors players are taking the cause of Iguodala's pain lightly, though. Per Haynes:

The injury is believed to be minor, but the incident that led to it is being viewed quite differently. Members of the Warriors told Yahoo Sports that they believed it was "a dirty play" by Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul...

As the series shifts to the Bay Area, tensions are elevating. Paul has been

successful at agitating the Warriors, who have failed over the past two games to maintain focus. There were many physical incidents that took place at the Toyota Center that had the potential to escalate if tempers erupted. And Paul was involved in most of them.

Paul got physical with Iguodala, Durant and Draymond Green over the course of Game 4. He knows how to be a pest and get under the skin of his opponents, and that approach has served him well in his 14-year career.

But after this particular play, he should be prepared for the Warriors to hit back within the rules, especially if he makes his way into the lane.