Asinine flesh is influential to cut is there cut to be able to eat asinine meat on the body

Although asinine flesh says it is a kind when belong to hair content, want a way only nevertheless delicate, it won't have very big effect to the cut on our body, eating little a little is completely possible, need not worry too.

Asinine flesh is influential to cut

The word of light method can not affect cut to cicatrization.

Asinine flesh itself contains E of A of taller protein, vitamin, nicotinic acid, vitamin, calcic, phosphor, Potassium, zinc to wait for nutrient composition, right amount dur

ing cut edible, won't affect cut heal, the nurture such as A of protein instead, vitamin is absorbed character be helpful for accelerating cut to cicatrization, but should notice delicate, do not add the condiment of acrimony stimulation to taste, wait like chili, Chinese prickly ash, wine.

Is there cut to be able to eat asinine meat on the body

The word that there is cut on the body can take a place appropriately, but cannot eat much, eat much easy get angry, affect the refreshment of cut. A few delicate food choose as far as possible between cut convalescence, have chili less, beef, hotpot, soy, lest affect the refreshment of cut. The clean disinfection that notices cut breathes freely, do not stay up late, abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, a few fresh fruits eat more between cut convalescence, can promote the refreshment of cut, desalt scar.

The nutrient value of asinine flesh

1, asinine flesh has " two tall two low " characteristic: High protein, low adipose; is tall amino acid, low cholesterol. The advanced not saturated fatty acid in asinine flesh, especially linoleic acid, flax is acerbity, having favorable sanitarian effect to arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension.

2, asinine flesh still contains animal glue, the composition such as bone glue protein and calcium, the person that can be the take good care of sb after weak of old person, children, body and disease offers good nutrient complement.

3, the magnesium in asinine flesh and calcic content are higher, both and joint action is usable will loosen muscle and nerve, make body and mind is loosened thereby, avoid insecurity fretted and disturbed, irritable. The help falls asleep.

4, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pleasant of flavour of asinine flesh sex is cool, filling gas raises blood, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood Zhuang Yang, calm the nerves go irritated effect, treat far year of strain. Liquor is hollow drink, cure naevus brings bug. Additional, asinine flesh still has enrich the blood beneficial gas action, appropriate color of skin does not have brilliance,

How is asinine flesh done delicious

Material: Flesh of asinine costal region 1000 grams. Condiment soy 200 grams, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour 30 grams, refined salt 5 grams, white sugar 7 grams, green paragraph 10 grams, jiang Pian 10 grams, xian Shang 2000 grams. Flavor wraps 1 (inside outfit Chinese prickly ash 5 grams, anise 3 grams, cassia bark 5 grams, lilac, arenaceous benevolence, Bai Zhi) of each 3 grams.


1, asinine flesh abluent, cut 4, the scald in putting water bowl is appeared, fish out is cast cool.

2, Xian Shang is put inside boiler, join soy, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, refined salt, white sugar, green paragraph, bag of Jiang Pian, flavor, burn boil 20 minutes to become sauce liquid namely.

3, put asinine meat sauce bowl inside, big baked wheaten cake leaves, cast aside net surplus foam, sauce of make down fire comes asinine flesh is soft sodden fish out, place in fume Bi to go up.

4, will fume boiler to burn heat, scatter white sugar, fume 2 ~ 3 minutes to be taken out, brush on balm is become namely.