Carambola skin can eat Yang Tao how to handle ability to eat

The person that has Yang Tao for the first time should won't know how Yang Tao has eaten, the mouthfeel of carambola is pretty good still, so carambola skin can eat, how does carambola handle ability to eat, understanding understands together below.

Can carambola skin eat?

Can eat. Carambola is a kind of commonner intertropical fruit, pulp softness, the belt in mouthfeel acid is sweet, and contain a lot ofa variety of nutrition composition, the appearance of carambola is peculiar, connection is close between its peel and pulp, very difficult denude comes, carambola skin itself does not have noxiousness,

it is OK of edible, and still contain the nutrient part such as a variety of vitamins, prandial fiber among them, its nutrition value will be higher if flesh eats together. But have the remain such as egg of bacterium, dirt, bug to prevent carambola skin to go up, before eating, must notice to be cleaned clean.

How does carambola handle ability to eat

1, first Yang Tao cortical clean clean, especially aperture place.

2, the ream side the arris that uses penknife general Yang Tao next, because mouthfeel of this arris edge is special acerbity.

3, again carambola slice.

4, prepare a brine, put Yang Tao immerse a short while.

5, fish out can edible.

6, if still feel flavour is acerber, can dip in take honey white perhaps sweet is used.

Carambola skin is a bit black can eat

Decide according to the circumstance. Fresh Yang Tao is cortical color is bright, do not have apparent impurity commonly, occurrence Yang Tao is cortical the circumstance of long macula, because Yang Tao saves time to pass to grow and be caused,much consideration is, if Yang Tao is cortical,have macula, but if pulp does not have other and unusual situation, so such carambola also is OK the; of edible but if Yang Tao returns companion to pulp becomes angry, change the circumstance of flavour, do not suggest to continue edible, may bring about the body otherwise unwell.

Carambola puts freezer to be saved

Carambola had better not put freezer to save. Carambola belongs to intertropical, semi-tropical fruit, this kind of fruit is to compare cold-blooded, do not suit to put freezer to save, if put freezer cold storage, return meeting frostbite carambola.