Diabetic person can drink samp samp candy component is high

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nsider the candy of samp very tall, general nevertheless not quite the proposal suffers from diabetic person to eat too much samp, it still has certain effect to the diabetic, specific understanding comes along to fall below.

Can diabetic person drink samp

Diabetic can eat samp to depend on greatly circumstance of pilot of patient blood sugar, especially circumstance of pilot of the blood sugar after eat. Because some disaccharide are contained inside samp or monose composition is more, the blood sugar after creating food easily is fluctuant and apparent. Poorer to control of itself of the blood sugar after eat patient does not suggest to eat samp, if the patient is common blood sugar control is stabler, can a few drink samp. But if drink samp to want what reduce other staple food as far as possible,absorb, the stable blood sugar of ability cardinal principle controls a circumstance, can help the quantity of heat that controls place of each eat meal to absorb, diabetic can eat samp to depend on greatly circumstance of pilot of the blood sugar after patient eat.

Samp candy component is high

Samp contains candy to measure is not very tall, although corn follows rice to contain certain candy component, but candy cent content occupies all scale to only 10% is control, below normal circumstance, eating a few samp appropriately won't affect blood sugar, but samp eats in great quantities to just can cause blood sugar to lift inside short time, and samp contains a lot of vitamin C, it is to be able to alleviate skin consenescence and adjust of human body endocrinopathy.

How is samp boiled

After the most important when samp is cooked in living at ordinary times jade grain of rice that wants to will had namely is cleaned clean in park clear water, again its after clean water divides drop, park reserves aside, in adding the alkaline area that has had pot of right amount clear water park again, undertake cooking, after waiting to be burned completely, pour its on corn bead, will undertake cooking in its park boiler again.

Want to notice the palm of duration accuses to must use conflagration in cooked process, the edible mouthfeel that cooks the samp that come out so more a few more full-bodied, can turn after waiting to leave to water in cooked process proceed cooks small fire, undertake churning with ladle in what need not break in cooked process, the circumstance that sticks boiler appears to happen in the process that can boiling congee in order to prevent so, when samp gradually become thick stiff later can use involve fire after cooking the time that influences 20 minutes probably frowzily can edible.

Samp has what effect

1 but be good at head is life-giving. A variety of material that contain in corn have protection cerebral blood-vessel and fall the action of hematic fat, return the metabolism that can promote cerebral cell at the same time.

2 can protect a heart and vessels. The cholesterol level that drinks samp to be able to make human body blood medium more falls, to the function of prevention and cure with wait for a disease to having coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, particular.

3 can prevent cancer. Some kind of microelement that contains in corn can let human body resist the function of cancer gets promotion, among them disease-resistant factor can make the carcinogen invalidation inside human body, still can make at the same time the carcinogen inside human body as defecate eduction body outside. Additional, the vitamin A that contains in corn can be prevented or delay the pathological change before cancer.