Eat ovine liver what to notices how should ovine liver choose

Everybody should have heard of rife flesh in the life kind food, so do you understand ovine liver? Small today make up understand together with everybody, eat ovine liver to have what what notices after all, and how should ovine liver choose? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Liver eating a sheep has what what notices

1. sheep liver and chili cannot feed together: " golden deficient summary " in account: "Any of several hot spice plants of ovine liver accrete feeds, defeat person the five internal organs. " Sun Saimiao day: "Accrete any of several hot spice plants feeds ovine liver, hurt person the five internal organs. Most caustic children, gou adding up to suffering is fed, ill green blind, pregnant woman feeds, your child much be stranded. " vitamin C(is contained a lot ofin chili every 100 grams contain vitamin C to amount to 198 milligram) , and the metal with ovine embedded liver is ionic, can destroy among them vitamin C almost to use up, weakened its due nutrition value.

2. sheep liver and ormosia cannot feed together: Feed together can cause toxic, can use gallinaceous excrement white detoxify.

3. sheep liver and the food that contain vitamin C cannot feed together: The element such as calcic, iron, phosphor is contained to abound in ovine liver, these elements can make vitamin C oxidation is dehydrogenation vitamin C, lost the function with vitamin original C thereby.

4. sheep abdomen and red bean are unfavorable feed together: Red bean points to bare red bean commonly. Contain P of rich and generous protein, saccharide, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin, calcic, iron, phosphor to wait for nutrient composition. Other, still contain saponin, this kind of material has stimulative effect to enteron mucous mem

brane, can cause partial congestion. Pleasant of flavour of red bean sex, salty and cold, can the pee of benefit water detumescence, benefit, poison that solve heat, understand sex of abdomen of galactic; sheep lukewarm, flavour pleasant, have be good at caustic of dispel of lienal beneficial stomach, filling empty, acerbity sweat stops make water, appetitive effect. The sexual flavour of both and effect all are carried on the back somewhat, should not be so feed together.

5. sheep abdomen and plum cannot feed together: " drink board is wanting " in account: "Ovine abdomen cannot be fed together with red bean, plum, injure a person. " plum flavour acidity is smooth, " Damingben is careless " account: "The much tine that feed caustic hurts muscle, corrode taste, on midriff of hair making a person phlegmy heat. " pleasant of flavour of ovine abdomen sex is lukewarm, if and so on of green, chili, fennel belongs to hot sex,flavor with flavor. Be like jumbly edible, can aid heat to make a fire, adverse to health.

How should ovine liver choose

One: Look

Of liver seeing a sheep color is bright red, bright red expression is fresh.

2: Feel

Feel with the hand, ovine liver is very hard and make clear it is drily fresh, hair is soft perhaps show the thing that has sticky paste expresses not fresh.

3: Hear

If the ovine liver of peculiar smell does not choose, express to had deteriorated.

Ovine liver and pork liver watch of which nutrition price is good

Above all we want to be clear about, liver has bright purpose effect, because vitamin A is contained inside liver,be, so we should compare both vitamin A content. Vitamin A still can be promoted grow development, maintain skin health, increase immune force to wait. Content of A of ovine liver vitamin is higher, pork liver take second place. Liver has enrich the blood effect, because liver contains rich iron element,be. Iron element etc is mineral abound most with pork liver, and digest absorptivity very tall. Wait because of this anaemic patient, pregnant woman and children, can choose pork liver more. Pork liver and ovine liver which have nutrition more? It is so " it " , anaemic person should eat more! Pork liver and ovine liver have an advantage each, we should choose according to demand, if the friend wants to enrich the blood, can choose pork liver.

Ovine liver needs how to be deposited

Of 1. sheep liver store method

Ovine liver nutrition rich, flavour is delicious, but because exquisite and quality of a material is not easy,last. Unripe or already thoroughlied cook the liver that has cut not to eat temporarily, with soya-bean oil general its daub agitate, put freezer safe next inside, last with respect to what can lengthen liver greatly period. Fresh liver is colored, brown purple is pretty good, the hand is felt solid without mucus, hearing flavour of as good as is good money. Color is amaranthine, incision hind is superabundant the excessive outside blood, give birth to those who have thick bubble to be not bought.

The memory method of 2. sheep liver

Besmear be put into freezer cold storage after a cooking oil outside liver, can hold primary colors, raw ingredient, and not easy drying shrinkage.