Eat ovine scorpion what to notices ovine scorpion cannot eat together with what

Should have everybody heard of rife flesh in the life kind so do you understand ovine scorpion? Small today make up understand together with everybody, eat ovine scorpion to have what what notices after all, and with what cannot ovine scorpion eat together? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

What what notices does scorpion eating a sheep have?

Ovine scorpion is in edible when also have a lot of contraindication, unripe sore of calorific, toothache, talking around, cough spit the yellow phlegmy person that wait for symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat disease of enteritis of disease of liver of unfavorable edible; , hypertensive, acute or other infection sex and during giving out heat, should not be edible, ovine scorpion is very easy those who let our get angry, because this is when edible sheep scorpion, had better eat vegetable of a few cold sexes more, wait like lettuce, balsam pear, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, can eat raw eat raw as far as possible, in order to achieve lukewarm cold balance.

Ovine scorpion cannot eat together with what

After 1. takes have diarrhoea of high of have diarrhoea drug, should not be edible,

2. is unfavorable feed together with cheese,

3. is unfavorable feed together with fabaceous sauce, vinegar,

4. is unfavorable feed together with buckwheat,

5. takes Chinese traditional medicine edible of the contraindication when the tuber of pinellia, calamus.

Can pregnant woman eat ovine scorpion

Ovine scorpion contains a lot ofprotein, what place of OK and compensatory pregnancy needs carnivorous is protein, be helpful for fetal development. Ovine scorpion contains a lot ofcalcium to pledge, and absorb easily, have filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, raise Yan Zhuangyang effect. Winter is the inning that eats ovine scorpion, its have the effect of nourishing nutrition, warm body, want to press regular habit edible only, reach to pregnant woman fetal all harmless, won't cause disease more at fetal. So pre

gnant woman can eat ovine scorpion, but pregnant woman should notice that he must thoroughly cook the flesh when edible boil eat again fully. The complementary makings of ovine scorpion chaffy dish belongs to hot sex flavor mostly, pregnant woman should avoid edible flavor, have because of hot sex flavor excitant, cause pregnant woman constipation very easily. And hotpot sex is lukewarm, pregnancy is general pregnant woman constitution is hot sex, if had eaten much hotpot, can cause suffer from excessive internal heat, because this is right amount advisable.

What does the practice of authentic sheep scorpion have

1. burns water to put ovine scorpion, add cooking wine, scald water is filled piece.

2. burns the oily scorpion that put a sheep to break up fry, put green ginger, yellow rice or millet wine, unlock water boil finally.

3. enters arenaceous boiler, put flavor, 2 hours can make cook over a slow fire complete this course.