Flying cake is how do flying cake is the special local product of where

Everybody should have heard of rife cate in the life, so do you understand flying cake? Small today make up understand together with everybody, fly after all cake is how do, and the special local product of where is flying cake? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Flying cake is how do

1. puts a few oil in boiler, put a few salt next. It is salt in boiler agitate, let oily saline tast

e having a place. Put one whole egg, yoke break, egg white and yoke are mixed together. Such doing conduce to an egg fast and squashy, at the same time yoke and egg white add up to it may not be a bad idea together to digest. Need not beforehand egg break up, in that way egg egg decoct is over to resemble egg cake.

2. decoct is finished can panbroil with what remain ham, ham itself is ripe, so need not decoct is too long.

Pan must be washed before 3. thin pancake made of millet flour, cake is otherwise easy burnt. Little oil is put in boiler, make boiler medium touch oil equably, the so much in returning remnant to pursue next is OK, the cake that such decoct come out won't be too oily.

Pan was not bought in Home 4. my home, so decoct when arrive for can even decoct the cake of the very hard, I can put cake in the brim of boiler, such radian are a bit a few tinier. Thin pancake made of millet flour when fire wants small, on edge waiting for cake a bit riper search an area again, otherwise cake is defeated easily, the word that broke little is not anxious, want to still do not have familiar face cake to be able to have stickiness only, slowly sticky it is good to go up.

Put face cake in after 5. decoct is good most below, it is lettuce next, egg, ham. Still can be according to individual be fond of on ham join ketchup or the sauce of other.

Place of the ringent after 6. has coiled always loosens easily, can finish cake mouth day put a little while, cool little when did not loosen so easily, at the same time temperature also as it happens enters the mouth.

Flying cake is the special local product of where

"Indian flying cake " be be famous in India together the name is fastfood, it is the flour that uses tone become reconciled use in sky " fly " stunt make it, it is had delicate and goluptious, full-bodied sweet crisp characteristic. Have 10 many breed. The chef that makes flying cake is made in restaurant scene performance, expert chicly, technical fine, the have dinner that can be you increases infinite interest. Flying cake () of renown India thin pancake, it is characteristic gust cate of India, its make a law use makings is exquisite, suit the taste of Cantonese particularly. Completely of color, sweet, flavour.

Flying cake is to use what what does

Of Indian flying cake feeding capable person is, in muscle flour 500g, saline 5g, plant oily 100g, apple 1, white sugar is right amount, 50g of white sesame seed, groundnut broken 50g.

The origin of flying cake is how

Indian flying cake originates as it is said the Bengal in Indian capital new moral character bay big mountain chain, local dweller all the year round with muscle face, coconut paddle, butter, the making food such as condensed milk, be be famous in India together the name is fastfood, it is the flour that uses tone become reconciled use in sky " fly " stunt make it, its local color is distinctive, make magical, thin be like cicada's wings, outside crisp in tender, loose and goluptious, colour and lustre is golden, breed is various, all sorts of stuffing that there is elaborate modulation inside expect, as a result of its distinctive technology, knead dough is done now to the client taste now, and make the person is having very strong feeling view, with curiosity Indian flying cake makes up Jiabade secret recipe peculiar, craft complex, change is various, its characteristic is: "Essence of life, beautiful, actor, special " . Appearance tall, nutrition abounds value of beautiful, appreciation, press different taste, make up secret recipe to differ, contain rich vitamin, protein, nutrition respectively all sorts of nutrition component that all sorts of human body place such as adipose, calcic, iron, zinc want, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, golden and transparent, mouthfeel is fragile tender, alcohol is sweet, delicious, goluptious, be good at stomach is raised lienal, beneficial god raises the effect such as blood. The spot makes work ingredient various, unpredicatable.