Niu Za boils how long the practice of chaffy dish of can ripe Niu Za

Niu Za is a kind very welcome feed capable person, no matter be the chaffy dish that stew or fried dish very delicious, and often eat Niu Za first-rate also to our body, niu Za understands to want to stew how long ability commonly together below ripe.

The Niu Za how long that boil can be ripe

Use stew differently make a tool, needs time is natural somewhat difference. It is water normally after leaving, with violet arenaceous boiler small fire stews 2-3 hour, niu Za allows to rot. If not rapid move eats, put the following day, reheat is worn eat meeting more tasty! Want small fire to stew ability slow delicious, if everybody still cannot master time, plunge into with the chopstick, the place that rots very hard especially, resemble beef, the flesh that had rotted, the chopstick is plunged into go in meeting feeling is weak soft, if not quite soft, that returns insufficient duration namely.

But if if everybody chooses to come with high-pressured boiler,be being stewed, the time that needs 40 minutes commonly, give a talking-to of high-pressured a powerful person is enraged hind, make down fire stews 20 minutes slow, involve fire, again frowsty 10 minutes, the boiler since finally but.

The practice of Niu Za chaffy dish

Main raw material: Bright ox bone, Niu Za (abdomen, heart, tongue, scalp) , chili oil, soy each 150 grams, face of Chinese prickly ash 25 grams, anise 4 grams, gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ash, cinnamonic each 5 grams, refined salt 125 grams, liquor 50 grams.

Soup footing: Anise, caoguo, orange peel, cassia bark, dry chili, Zi like that face of bead, Chinese prickly ash each 5 grams, turnip two jins, refined salt, old smoke, white sugar, liquor, gourmet powder is right amount.


1, first main raw material (lung of lung of beef, tripe, large intestine, ox, Niu Xin, Niu Baixie, ox) with the turnip abluent, put the raw material that has cut in the water that heats, cast aside ceaselessly go float foam, see the flesh shows white red, filter go Shang Shui, add the person's clean clear water; again

2, join turnip and makings of the soup end good with gauze in bags boiler (anise, caoguo, orange peel, cassia bark, dry chili, Zi like that face of bead, Chinese prickly ash, old smoke) , after using boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake about 30 minutes (high-pressured boiler 15 minutes of) , convert small fire continues to burn 1.5 hours (high-pressured boiler half hours of) , boil to beef, Niu Za crisp and not sodden, join refined salt, old smoke, white sugar, liquor, gourmet powder can.

What does Niu Za chaffy dish match to dip in makings is delicious

1, oyster oil plants:

Vegetable oil is put inside boiler, add mashed garlic to fry sweet, put oyster sauce to continue to fry again fully, a few cooking wine, candy, gourmet powder, pepper is joined to mix after divide evenly can. This kind of condiment suits not to have hot person, appropriate deserves to dip in the work such as mussel of hotpot, beef, vivid shrimp, clam, river is little advocate makings.

2, pug of red oily garlic:

Sichuan thick chili sauce fries a red oil, add touch candy, unripe smoke king, vinegar, gourmet powder, unripe mashed garlic to mix together tone is become namely.

3, sesame paste oil plants:


Unripe smoke Wang Jia to be blended into a few cold boiled water and candy, gourmet powder, sesame oil become namely.

4, sesame paste:

Ormosia fermented bean curd, leek is beautiful, chili oil, add a few gourmet powder again can!

4, Jiang Zhiliao:

Ginger flay cuts end, join vinegar, soft white sugar, unripe take king, salt, gourmet powder, add cold boiled water to mix again divide evenly can.

Nutrient value of Niu Za

1 tripe: Contain protein, adipose, calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin (acid of B1, B2) , Nick, the beneficial in can filling is angry, raise taste, alexipharmic, the empty after be being used at disease thins, gas blood is insufficient, disappear thirsty, wind dizzies.

2 oxen liver: Bovine liver is high grade and complete protein food, because liver contains a lot ofhigh grade albumen, iron, copper and vitamin A, B, C to wait, it is to treat hidebound sex to want thing anaemicly so, have outstanding filling liver again bright eye function.

3 oxen kidney: Bovine kidney contains protein, carbohydrate, adipose, phosphor, iron, vitamin (acid of B1, B2, C, A) , Nick, can can beneficial essence, benefiting kidney gas, go arthritis with fixed pain caused by dampness.

4 oxen bowel: Niu Chang contains a lot ofprotein and copper, often eat detumescence of advantageous make water, bright hair, enhance immune power, be good at lienal, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein, raise the effect of shade filling empty.

5 oxen lung: Bovine lung contains protein likewise, iron, phosphor and cupreous; are had enhance immune power, expectorant smooth asthma, enrich the blood beneficial is angry, beneficial lung is strong the effect of bone.