Niu Za is OK and hollow eat Niu Za was not thoroughlied cook can eat

Niu Za included lung of tripe, ox, Niu Xin to wait feed capable person, a lot of people like very, stew Niu Za with the turnip especially, do not have local color one time, so when we eat Niu Za, OK and hollow eat directly?

Niu Za is OK and hollow eat


Hollow when unfavorable eat Niu Za, hollow eat Niu Za to get gastric disease easily. So, take money people must notice, must not eat Niu Za when the meal, bit of other mat had better eat to fill up abdomen before eating Niu Za.

Niu Za was not thoroughlied cook can eat


Do not eat not ripe perhaps handle sordid Niu Za. Should knowing Niu Za is by arrogant splanchnic composition, these are splanchnic be all sorts of helminth collect the ground, if processing is sordid,perhaps did not thoroughly cook, inside the system that these helminth can enter us as oral cavity, this is very bad!

How is Niu Za done delicious

Chaffy dish of 1. Niu Za, need prepares a few oxen miscellaneous, green paragraph, ginger end, bovine oil, chinese cabbage, chi of beans of fermented glutinous rice, do chili, hot beans and Chinese prickly ash, beef soup-stock, rock candy, salt, oily candy, put into boiler inside, join right amount water to be boiled with conflagration, take next clean clean, hot beans valve, chinese prickly ash, ginger end, bovine oil puts bowl inside, break up with small fire fry, add fabaceous Chi chili to continue to break up again next fry a few minutes, can join flavor

ing and Niu Za, small fire boils two hours slowly, final rejoin a few green paragraph and Chinese cabbage can eat.

Ox of 2. boiled in clear soup is miscellaneous, prepare a few oxen miscellaneous, bai Luobo, red turnip, pepper, balm, candy, salt, ginger piece, chili, green, the leather purify that predicts red turnip white trailing plants first, clean clean, cut agglomerate account, green is cut paragraph, chili goes the head goes end, niu Za is cleaned clean, put boiled water inside scald, hematic water purify, scoop up next cut paragraph of account, prepare a boiler, boiled water is added inside, put in Niu Za and bittern package, boil 20 minutes or so, again carrot piece, bo Kuai of white trailing plants, ginger piece, chili, green paragraph, condiment is put in boil, change medium baking temperature again next, boil half hour again probably, ginger piece, chili, green paragraph fish out will desertion, it is OK to Shang Cheng again next Shang Cheng arrives inside the bowl ate.

Niu Za has what nutrition

1 tripe: Namely bovine stomach, also be those who benefit article. Sexual flavour pleasant, smooth, enter stomach, lienal classics. Nutrient value of Niu Za depends on it containing protein, adipose, calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin (acid of B1, B2) , Nick, the beneficial in can filling is angry, raise taste, alexipharmic. The empty after be being used at disease thins, gas blood is insufficient, disappear thirsty, wind dizzies.

2 oxen liver: For the liver of ox of bovine division animal or buffalo. Sexual flavour pleasant, smooth, enter liver classics. Bovine liver is high grade and complete protein food, every 100 grams contain protein 21.8 grams; contains iron 9 milligram, vitamin A is as high as 18300 international unit, vitamin B22.3 milligram, nicotinic acid 16.2 milligram, vitamin C18 milligram. In addition Shang Han calcium, phosphor, copper, vitamin B1, D and a variety of enzymatic. Because bovine liver contains a lot ofhigh grade albumen, iron, copper and vitamin A, B, C to wait, it is to treat hidebound sex to want thing anaemicly so, have outstanding filling liver again bright eye function.

3 oxen kidney: For the kidney of ox of bovine division animal or buffalo. Pleasant of flavour of bovine kidney sex, lukewarm, put in kidney classics 's charge. Its contain protein, carbohydrate, adipose, phosphor, iron, vitamin (acid of B1, B2, C, A) , Nick. Can beneficial essence, benefiting kidney gas, go arthritis with fixed pain caused by dampness.