The Shang Neng of acerbity hot pink is drunk is the Shang Youying of acerbity hot pink raised

Everybody should have had acerbity hot white, it is with yam pink is given priority to commonly, acerbity acid is hot hot very delicious, the metropolis like the Shang Yi of acerbity nevertheless hot pink is hotter, suit to drink not quite, it is better to suggest everybody is drunk less still.

Is the Shang Neng of acerbity hot pink drunk

Read individual taste, the soup of the major acerbity hot pink on the market is cannot be drunk or you are to not be willing to drink, because they are to rely on vinegar, hot oil, gourmet powder to mix,rise achieve the result with hot acid, black above bleaching a thick chili oil.

And the soup of traditional acid hot pink is the soup-stock that the bone that use a pig, chicken bone, ox bone adds the sea product that promoted delicacy to be made through be being boiled for long again, upright in one's hand the soup in is to had pressed certain proportion to undertake dilute, had allocated, such doing be not jerry because do acerbity hot pink to use chroma,be too pure soup-stock allocates acerbity piquancy do not suit. Accordingly, the ground boiling water of acerbity hot pink can drink the tradition not only, good drink, and contain rich calcium a variety of nutrition composition such as qualitative, ossein and amino acid.

Does the soup of acerbity hot pink have nutrition

The surface of soup of acerbity hot pink on market looks most is a thick chili oil, but the boiling water that contains acerbity hot pink is nourishing. When ourselves makes vinegar-pepper soup, be to choose new big pig spirit to add a variety of fresh collocation feeding capable person such as chili to be boiled meticulously commonly make, and according to first-rate prandial standard matchs ground meat, earthnut, Xian Shu, pickled Chinese cabbage, chopped green onion a variety of matching dish, make the soup nutrition composition of acerbity hot pink more balanced and contain rich calcium a variety of nutrition composition such as qualitative, ossein and amino acid.

The practice of acerbity hot pink

Raw material: 140 grams do yam pink agaric 10 grams

Complementary makings: Red any of several hot spice plants a green pepper 1

Condiment: Candy of salt, gourmet powder, garlic, balm, Bai Sha, caraway paragraph, chili of soy of mature vinegar, soya bean, top-secret is red oily, chopped green onion each are right amount.

The method that make:

1, after with comfortable full amount Wen Shui immerses thoroughly, 10 grams scour an edible fungus clean, clear water conflagration falls to heat to boiling in boiler, put agaric scald 3.5 minutes, the drop after water of fish out super-cooling works.

2, boil yam vermicelli made from bean starch to 9 maturity with the boiled water that has pressed agaric, fish out waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, put balm to carry mix flabby, lest adhesion is together.

3, rip agaric small, caraway is abluent cut paragraph of; Qing Gongjiao to go the base of a fruit goes after seed is abluent, cut the flay of filament; garlic that grows into 4cm, pound mashed garlic (or with press garlic implement press into mashed garlic) .

4, vermicelli made from bean starch of agaric, yam, caraway paragraph, Qing Gongjiao silk, mashed garlic falls into a big basin, transfer into red oil of mature vinegar, soy, salt, white sugar, gourmet powder, chili, mix is even, scatter on chopped green onion can.

The pink of acerbity hot pink is what pink

The pink of acerbity hot pink basically has two kinds, one kind is use yam starch modulation and become " soaked noodles made from beans or sweet p

otatoes " , another kind is make relatively convenient easy travel " powder " , it is the dry noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch that machines the powdery strip that makes, also because of relatively convenient and become relatively general adoption method. The pink of acerbity hot pink is food of pure natural green, element leaves the good name of the first pink one day.