Why does rings shrimp call rings shrimp how many does the quantity of heat of rings shrimp have

Everybody should have heard of rife seafood in the life, so do you understand rings shrimp? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all why does rings shrimp call rings shrimp, and how many does the quantity of heat of rings shrimp have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Why does rings shrimp call rings shrimp

Rings shrimp, this day this prawn, most begin to breed by Japan first, also be the most important breed aquatics breed, the south such as our country Fujian, Guangdong also begins to breed in recent years littoral. Watch of rings shrimp body has figure of spot of blue Brown horizontal stroke, end needle is blue, because resemble bamboo same, call rings shrimp so, case is frivolous and hard, the flesh is qualitative thick. This shrimp type of build or figure is not great

, the sheet with common market weight is in go to 89 partly.

How many does the quantity of heat of rings shrimp have

100 grams but the quantity of heat of edible rings shrimp is 93 kilocalorie. Contain a lot ofD of vitamin of A of protein, vitamin, B a group of things with common features, vitamin, vitamin E, calcic, Potassium, magnesian, phosphor, zinc, iron, copper mineral, be nutrition of human body complement is good feed capable person.

Rings shrimp has many after all magical

Feral rings shrimp calls spot section shrimp, car shrimp again, belong to crustacean prawn a group of things with common features. Big case of body of this kind of shrimp is strong, colour is gorgeous and account of the division that show spot, get a name so. Rings shrimp not only body big meat is real, and the flesh is qualitative white tender, mouthfeel is delicious, on ancient medicine, people follows it " seabird, true chapter " label 3 kinds of powerful bodies strong the marine and advanced nourishment of body, its biggest reason contains many protein in shrimp namely. Those who speak of the first thrill through in mind of protein very much person is egg and milk, actually besides these commonly used food, the biology of sea mile is very much also contain very tall protein, for instance rings shrimp is. According to scientific statistic a healthy adult needs the protein that compensatory 60g controls everyday, (a bottle of milk of 250 milliliter can offer protein 6 grams, an egg (50 grams) can offer protein 7 grams, the bean products with 50 heavy grams can offer protein 16 grams, the lean lean with 50 heavy grams can offer protein 8 grams, 300 grams commissariat can offer protein 24 grams) the bean products ability that the lean lean of the rice that this is equivalent to needing to drink the 250ml milk, egg that eats 50g left and right sides, 300 grams everyday, 50 grams increases 50 grams complements one day needs protein nutrition. And the protein content of rings shrimp is as high as 17% to control, 100 grams contained a lot ofthe protein of 17 grams in shrimp flesh, the rings shrimp meat that eats 350 grams left and right sides can complement the protein that needs everyday.

Rings shrimp is sea shrimp or river shrimp

Rings shrimp is sea shrimp, country of origin is Japan.

The sort of sea shrimp is very much, include base surround shrimp, sea hemp shrimp, lute shrimp, rings shrimp, piddle shrimp, lute shrimp, prawn, South America prawn, Oriental shrimp to wait, these are edible shrimp commonly. Rings shrimp is sea shrimp or river shrimp, rings shrimp is sea shrimp, call Japan prawn again. Japanese prawn, english name: Penaeus(Marsupenaeus)japonicusBate, common says: Beautiful shrimp, rings shrimp, beautiful end shrimp, spot section shrimp, car shrimp, belong to test program Crustacea, very order Penaeidae of division of Natantia of Decapoda, natant suborder, prawn, prawn belongs to Penaeus to belong to carapace needle animal, shrimp system is small person call shrimp money. The prawn that China produces with Tianjin bayou end the prawn with red, red claw is best. Catching busy season is 4 -- mixed in May 9 -- in October. Prawn, of the Bohai Sea that basically originates in China, Yellow Sea and Korea western coastal. Product of the place in ocean of world each district is planted very much, prawn of prawn of prawn of auspicious of Chinese prawn, Japan prawn, spot section prawn, Chinese ink, long hair, short channel waits.