Ayesha Curry returns to Twitter, wants officials to pay for how Game 5 was called


Mrs. Stephen Curry is on a Twitter roll (rhymes with troll) this week.

Monday night, she expressed her frustration with the officiating crew that worked Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

That makes two comments in as many days that attracted the eyes of the Twitterverse. On Sunday she subtweeted LeBron James for stepp

ing over Draymond Green in Game 4. The step prompted Green to tap James in the groin. The NBA suspended Green for Game 5 for that act, and Golden State subsequently lost by 15 points.

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Ayesha no doubt noticed how a lot of contact went uncalled Monday night. Officially, the box score shows the whistles were distributed evenly: Golden State was called for 21 fouls, Cleveland for 22. The Warriors shot 26 free throws to the Cavs' 23. Hubby Steph was 4 for 4 from the stripe.

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It costs players and coaches $25,000 to make comments about the officiating. Spouses? Not a thing.