Ayesha Curry will be a 'Chopped' judge tonight, so get ready


In a development so perfect that we had to make sure it was actually real, Ayesha Curry will be a judge on 'Chopped Junior' tonight (8 ET, Food Network).

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It's been a full couple weeks for her. There have been tweets and Stephen A. Smith and

a gutwrenching loss and then more tweets, and the memes — oh, the memes! So tonight's show, in which she judges the cooking prowess of children, should be good. Here's what you can expect:

— One of the kids is wearing her husband's child-chef-in-the-kitchen-ass shoes.

— A plate of short-rib dumplings is placed in front of her after the appetizer round. She takes one bite and scrunches her nose. "What this really needs is more salt. I love salt. Can't ever have enough salt."

— She opts out of directly criticizing one of the main courses, instead choosing to focus on how much better she can make it herself.

— Some kid has no idea what to do with his basket and throws it all in the ice cream maker (because that always happens).

— A napoleon is placed in front of her after the dessert round. She takes three bites and scrunches her nose. "I really liked this at first, but the farther I get into it, the more I'm unsure whether I enjoy it all."

— When the other two judges pick what she perceives to be the incorrect winner, she angrily grabs her phone and starts tweeting about how "Chopped Junior" is rigged.