Violet potato is dry eat much how can violet potato is dry can take replace staple food

Violet potato does everybody to should have eaten, the quantity of heat that violet potato fights is very low, but violet potato is dry cannot eat much, so violet potato is dry eat much meeting how, violet potato is dry can take replace staple food, will look below.

Is violet potato dry eat much how to m


Dyspeptic. Violet potato is dry contain a lot ofelement of cyanine element, Selenium, still contain many protein to reach a variety of vitamins, although nutrition is rich, but unfavorable eat more, because violet potato works,eat much can increase burden of intestines and stomach, stimulate the exudation of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, cause indigestion easily, bilge the unwell symptom such as gas. Generally speaking, eat 80 grams to control can.

Violet potato is dry can take replace staple food

Do not suggest to replace staple food. Violet potato works is to use violet potato to be raw material make it, although contain a lot ofthe composition such as protein, amylaceous, prandial fiber, mineral, saccharide, but cannot replace staple food, because of violet potato Gan Zhongfu contains starch, eat much indigestible, and violet potato is a kind of coarse food grain, lack the nutrient part that contains in flour and rice, long-term and such, may bring about nutrient disequilibrium.

Does violet potato do be deepfry

That is not deepfry bake however want to compare potato high more than the staple food quantity of heat such as rice noodle piece summary of quantity of heat is a bit lower

This sees you say is which product. Have only course kind is need not of deepfry. Direct deepfry comes anxious brittleness shape, include the provision of OK and direct edible after turning. Potato of useful still quick-freeze the quick-freeze violet potato that craft processes, it is to should undertake in this follow-up edible again of deepfry edible.

Violet potato is dry eat much the meeting is fat

Violet potato is dry eat much the meeting is fat. Violet potato and yam are same, contain many starch, and the dry goods that violet potato works is violet potato, its bulk undertook compression, a violet potato does edible the violet potato that was equivalent to eating half to be thoroughlied cook directly, if many violet potato does edible, the intake that can cause starch is overmuch, starch can be decomposed to be candy in human body, overmuch candy cannot be used up completely, meet translate into is adipose, cause fat.