Warriors get their own custom 'Game of Zones' episode


Best way to kick off your title defense? Put your players in a cartoon version of a popular show.  

Steve Kerr made a reque

st to the fine folks at Bleacher Report to have the Warriors placed in a custom "Game of Zones" episode for the first day of training camp. Rather than putting an emphasis on turning players into "Game of Thrones" characters, "Game of Zones" creators focused on using inside information that would specifically make Golden State players and coaches laugh.

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Based on how the Warriors reacted, the jokes landed in a big way. 

The high points of the episode are without a doubt Andre Iguodala's exclamation at the end of Kerr's speech and David Lee showing up with Chipotle in a post-credits scene worthy of a Marvel movie.

Here's why those parts worked so well: Bleacher Report was told Iguodala "has a saying he always uses when he shoots a jumper that he feels is going in: 'Hold my (junk)!' or sometimes it is abbreviated to just 'Hold it!'" Lee was traded to the Celtics this offseason, but he made sure to buy Chipotle for Golden State staff before he left.

Iguodala and Marshawn Lynch have a good conversation starter if they ever meet.

Source: Bleacher Report