Cavs fan says he'll eat 18-year-old Mark Price candy bar if team wins title


Talk about being hungry for a championship.

Cavaliers fan Timofey Brady has pledged to eat a Mark Price candy bar that has been in his freezer for 18 years if the team beats the Warriors for the NBA championship.

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Price, now coaching the Charlotte 49ers, is on board.

Brady told Fox 8 that he grew up in Cleveland but moved away in high school. When he was living in Chicago, his mother sent him the bars to remind him of home, Fox 8 reports. Brady said he sent some to friends as a joke, but when he moved to California in the mid-1990s, a friend sent one of the bars back. It's been in Brady's freezer since.

Regardless of whether the taste was built to last, perhaps Brady's employer should be on alert for him to call in sick wi

th tummy troubles the day after a Cavs championship.