Of course NBA players would bet $100,000 on games of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'


NBA players make lots of money, so much money that they can throw around five and six digits worth on the most petty of activities.

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Williams, whose NBA career was cut short by a motorcycle accident, recently opened up about some just how willing teammates were to bet large sums of money on the most trivial contests.

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Williams was a guest of Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz on the popular "The Brilliant Idiots" podcast and discussed seeing teammates bet thousands of dollars on games of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

"You get bored. You get bored. And don't get yourself down in a dice game. Don't be in the corner letting some dude keep fading you and all of a sudden you're down 100 grand and you're like, 'Bet it back—Rock, Paper, Scissors.'"

It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear Williams say it, but rarely have players divulged the specifics on locker room minutia. We know that Javaris Crittendon's infamous altercation with Gilbert Arenas was over a game of cards, and we know that players like Antoine Walker blew through millions of dollars like a kid at a candy store.

As lon

g as they're making millions, players are going to blog thousands on trivial activities.

It's foolish for them in the long run but makes a great story for us, so there's that.

Source: Complex