R. Kelly watched Kobe's final game on tiny television and got roasted

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R. Kelly tweeted out a picture of himself watching Kobe Bryant's final game Wednesday night, but he couldn't have prepared for what was coming his way. 

The content of the tweet is innocent enough — the Grammy-winning singer just wanted to pay his respects like many other celebrities. But other celebrities have televisions on their walls that aren't made for ants.

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Immediately after R. Kelly tweeted this, his mentions were done for. People from all around the Internet gathered 'round to roast him. It's always a beautiful moment when people can come together for a common cause.

Enjoy the Twitter Roast of R. Kelly:

There is plenty more where that came from, by the way.

All of this abuse could get a person down, but R. Kelly took the high road and seemed to have fun with it. For the record, he wanted to make it clear that was not his television.