Shanghai Shen Huaxin adds the 3 aid inside the name to fill data of Zhu Baojie of Ceng Cheng of Xiao Ting of Feng of strong battle array

Shanghai Shen Huaxin adds the 3 aid inside the name to fill data of Zhu Baojie of Ceng Cheng of Xiao Ting of Feng of strong battle array

Shanghai of Xinhua News Agency on Feburary 3 report 3 days, shanghai exceeds in explain beautiful club announces 3 inside aid joins in team, it is Feng Xiao Ting, Ceng Cheng and Zhu Baojie respectively. Age of the member that introduce a ball to the outside slants to comment greatly, the personage is accepted related the club when interviewing, express, explain flower 3 lines fight this year need fills strong battle array, especially hind line of defence, 3 players that bring hold this are seasoned, come can battle, can fill not only strong hind prevent, rich match experience still can be helped explain beautiful young player grows.

The club expresses in statement, classics and Guangzhou constant clean out treasure club greatly friendly talk things over, player Feng Xiao Ting, Ceng Cheng joins in Shanghai greenbelt explain beautiful club; Classics and Peking Man and club talk things over, player Zhu Baojie joins in explain beautiful club.

The data shows, the full back in the office of department of Feng Xiao Ting that was born 1985, ever was in kickball of Korea K league matches, 2011 sports season join in Guangzhou constant is big and effectiveness up to now, help team takes below 2 inferior Guan Guanjun, 8 therein super- champion of league matches champion, 4 super cups and 2 sufficient assist cup champion, it is the backbone power with great constant. Regard a country as the foot, feng Xiao Ting gives fight 76 times for the country in all and infiltrate 1 scores a goal.

Explain beautiful club expresses, of Feng Xiao Ting joining in is strong complement to the line of defence after team, more expect Feng Xiao thunderbolt and advocate the exotic meet again of handsome Cui Kangxi brushs a new scintilla, also hope Feng Xiao Ting is helped explain the young generation of the line of defence after the flower grows quickly.

The door is born in Ceng Cheng 1987, regard constant as gate general, in 8 sports season help team is obtained 2 times inferior champion of champion of 6 Guan Guanjun, league matches, 3 super cups and 1 sufficient assist cup champion. In addition, ceng Cheng is returned league matches year exceeds in ever was being had the honor to win 3 ti

mes optimal door will be honorary.

The Zhu Baojie 1989 gives Yushen to spend sufficient school, player of the field in regarding as, he ever was early or late in Shaanxi new, Nanchang 81, the club effectiveness such as rich force of Shanghai Shen Xin, Guangzhou and Beijing support of the people.

Because brought the 3 players age of aid this to all exceed 30 years old, the outside has a few about explain the beautiful age that bring hold slants the big, comment tha

t reduces beadhouse, explain when the personage accepts a reporter to interview related beautiful club, express, bringing hold is course club and drill team serious research, relapse of consultative, discreet decision.

Be worth what carry is, feng Xiao Ting and Ceng Cheng join in explain the flower is with rental form, constant experting face does not have collection any charge, but put in evasive clause. (reporter Yang Kai of bright red Li )

Original title: Feng Xiao Ting, Ceng Cheng, Zhu Baojie joins in Shanghai explain beautiful responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling