Zhu Ting notchs record: Attend 3 contests to be taken notch most probably king C solid return to the name

Zhu Ting notchs record: Attend 3 contests to be taken notch most probably king C solid return to the name

Recently, special reporter Yang Ling is in CCTV volleyball the recent situation that Chinese women's volleyball spoke of in interview program. Yang Ling expresses, the core position fact that Chinese daughter queues up to grow Zhu Tin

g returns to the name, take be irresolute when firmness is needed besides MVP outside, the results in the of 80% 3 contests that she still been enteringing gets minute of king. In addition he still expresses, chinese women's volleyball can be obtained today such achievement, profit from result is in at ordinary times the devil trains, the clever light with brief and rather than shows.

Yang Ling mentioned the competition that cup of women's volleyball great champion faced Korea group 2017 in the interview above all, the Zhu Ting when those is in of the 2nd bureau serve bureau the success that achieved to be connected 15 minutes. Yang Ling expresses, having only in 15 minutes of Chinese women's volleyball is 1 minute to serve to notch directly, and the tactics seeking a person that other greater part share cent is support specific aim combines block tactics. Yang Ling emphasizes, this is the epitome that tall light of Chinese women's volleyball behaves, but be not accidental, come from however result in at ordinary times the devil trains.

Through training video, yang Ling introduced the specific details that the devil trains. 3 chairs on field represented the other side to accept 3 team member that serve, team member of man guidance requirement people must send the ball to the blind angle place between the neutral between 3 chairs and chair and foul line, every team member should send such 10 good shot to just calculate dozen of bid. Yang Ling expresses, additionally man guidance still is in 2 passed the position that passes a ball to put a pad, the member that train a corps sends the ball to the position of cushion, so that pass,serve to pound adversary directly attack a system.

This detail can mirror very intuitionisticly instead, the high smooth performance of Chinese women's volleyball in the contest is not is clever light shows, more ground is result be in at ordinary times. On the stage one minute, below the stage 10 years of result, not be each minutes when get on visible field so easy. Yang Ling emphasizes.

Subsequently Yang Ling continues focusing Zhu Ting. Regard MVP as mower, zhu Ting received the MVP of 14 contests and 17 champion honor. Contest of additional explicit Olympic Games, world bright and beautiful and world cup such world volleyball in 3 contests, zhu Ting up to now as it happens attended 50, and 0 among them are to notch king. Yang Ling expresses, this data mirrorred Zhu Ting very clear and intuitionisticly the action in Chinese women's volleyball.

The number one of one of main rival that Yang Ling still introduced Zhu Ting, Italy attacks exert of hand dust case, recollected Chinese women's volleyball to be in 2-3 of world cup semifinal is not hostile 2018 the match of the hand. Yang Ling expresses, aigenu not only young, and drop shot height is as high as 3 meters 44, and Zhu Ting is 3 meters 27, future, aigenu is gotten army Italia

n team is one of driving adversary that Chinese women's volleyball contends for coronal road to go up, also meet around the dialog between Zhu Ting and dust case exert very wonderful.

Finally, yang Ling also mentioned Chinese women's volleyball blast in likewise young Li Yingying. He expresses, horizontal sky of Li Yingying was born to change the color of Tianjin women's volleyball directly, and going up as Zhu Ting of sports season join in, of two people cooperate also day attain tacit. Speak of Zhu Ting and Li Yingying this two generation attack a hand meet, yang Ling thinks, this is understandable into Chinese women's volleyball rehearse for Tokyo Olympic Games, also be the Li Yingying's rare opportunity that will learn to giant star be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears.

Original title: Zhu Ting attends 3 contests to take notch most probably Wang Paitan C solid put in responsibility 's charge to edit to the name: Li Xiaoling