Basketball of U21 of rank of score of tournament of basketball of countrywide U21 youth is newest and integral a list of names posted up

Basketball of U21 of rank of score of tournament of basketball of countrywide U21 youth is newest and integral a list of names posted up

Yesterday, 2019 whole nations (U21) 4 strong competition enter man of young basketball tournament round robin last rounds, integral rank gives heat, the first for Guangdong grand far, the 2nd for Sichuan Jin Jiang, the 3rd for Xinjiang wide collect, the 4th for Zhejiang wide mansion.

The first gets on half paragraphs, guangdong grand far hit 7 wetter than the Xiaogao of 0, pull open score. Half time will pass, after bilateral substitution, guangdong grand far with Hu Mingxuan, liu Xu Cheng is outer, quick attack blossoms 3 minutes in the round, xinjiang team is immersed in the awkward condition that loses 3 rebounds repeatedly for a time. 12-24 Guangdong is banner

The 2nd, guangdong is depended on defend outstandingly, in Xu of star rear guard outstanding organization is guided below, continue to enlarge an advantage, score precedes for a time, xinjiang team is in planted agent feel not when beautiful, full back is carried removed pack of dynamite, a few times breakthrough quick attack is hit into live firmly condition. Score comes to 24:34. Half past, xinjiang team Ma Ze will in attack bout knee to get hurt, there still is knee injury to enter the court after be being checked simply. But Xinjiang team still is in an unfavorable situation on backboard, bilateral smell of gunpowder gradually thick. This ases if activationed Xinjiang team, depend on the height of assuming Yu Andong and fitness, xinjiang rose to defend quality, face grand far quick attack and breakthrough, send one after another a few write down conflagration boiler, time was entered in rest link, 31-44 of score of half of a game or contest grand far continue to precede.

The second half begins, both sides expedited the strongest battle array, guangdong came up to use type of full-court press hard on defend, dichotomy is gotten first after grabbing a success. And Xinjiang is suiting quickly after coming over, the ball of two breakthroughs cent that by right of full back smelt metal calls for paper is clever in passing moxa Zi wheat to carry, cast procurable, yu Xiaohui is cruel buckle promotion morale. Guangdong here still be much dot blossoms, 20 Du Runwang, rain had 3 minutes below Xu Jie, planted agent 10 Liu mace, 14 Liu Xu Cheng, 20 Du Runwang is mixed in aggression defend upright performance is excellent. Score is pulled open. Right now Guangdong grand far in the full back when breaking through press hard on Xu Jie suffers injury anguish to fall down, although Xinjiang team is occupied on player height advantage, but Guangdong is attacked bitingly prevent stable still output.

The 4th match, time returns remnant seven, cent difference came 33 minutes. Rhythm of th

e 4th match is relatively gently, but because divide difference to play big and inactive game,both sides is done not have, bilateral coach devises clever strategies, use opportunity of this bilateral antagonism to try experienced battle array. Final score 63-94.

Wide mansion of Zhejiang of suppress of Sichuan gold strong whole journey, promotion champion contends for contest

Sichuan gold strong begin calls the small climax of a 6-0, hu Linsen, guo Zhihan strong breakthrough, wide mansion looks for a condition quickly to be written down by right of Zhang Xiang 3 minutes score of hemostatic tight grip. Sichuan team depends on outstanding backboard consciousness Hu Jun to drench, guo Zhihan takes attack chance 5:1 for many times2 gold are strong banner. Change arms change will, wide mansion group changes defend means uses 23 joint defence, full back license and planted agent cooperate to block tear open inside dash forward outside cast carry an aggression big banner, jin Jiang depends on planted agent 3 minutes swipe of Qiu Jiawei planted agent and essence are accurate to continue score to precede.

The 3rd begins, hu Jun drenchs enter the court to write down 3 cent blow to attack bugle, change aggression to come back, ji Zhuo Answer Ball stricks back 3 minutes. Wide mansion is adjusted through half of a game or contest, defend intensity rises greatly by right of an army suddenly appearing from nowhere 8 Aoergele 3 minutes of balls, 17 Yan Yongkun 3 minutes of balls, full back permits type of press hard on of Zhang Xiang full-court to defend, recover score to 55:62, blow the bugle that strike back. Sichuan gold sees record is bad by force, take step quickly, stay in score firmly, the 3rd ends 61-71.

The 4th begins, wide mansion brunt enters the court, initiate formally counterattack, zhang Bo defends strongly, restricted Sichuan group successfully of the top player notch, jin Jiang also none give the impression of weakness, face field is not random grasp match rhythm firmly in the hand, cent difference maintains all the time control in 10 minutes. Refuse to budge arrives final dichotomy bell, wide mansion team changes bowler, make last fight, if Jin Jiang has a god to

aid, will lead dominant position is defended firmly! End the contest finally with 86-97, congratulation Sichuan gold takes last pieces of champion by force to contend for contest ticket!

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