Plain Jin Hui Xinshu opens to booking hot title " not be to who metropolis heart gives birth to longing "

Piao Jinhui of the president before electric Korea will acquire abroad network on December 29 after amnesty, the new book that she publishs in jail causes enormous attention, open to booking hot. 28 days, this the name is " either to who metropolis heart gives birth to longing " epistolary collect, ascended Korea the biggest bookshop teachs the daily sell like hot cakes that protects a series of books issued in a single format by a publisher a list of names posted up the first. On new book cover, be Piao Jinhui one Zhang Jiuzhao, she wears bright red dress to match red scarf, lower his head in snow close lightly mouth laughs.

According to report of Korea Newdaily website, this book will be published on December 30, basically recorded Piao Jinhui more than 4 years during bagnio lives, from the letter that the proponent receives and the content that oneself write back, the inspiration of the title, also come from the proponent's incoming letter.

Piao Jinhui is written in the preface, him turn one's head becomes a president when, be in the condition of successive insecurity in any moment. Do not know even oneself, how does the time that works for the countryman elapse.

Reminisce, she times feeling is distressed. Beside once trusted because of oneself aberrance behavior of the person, everything what what oneself do is hit the brand of long-standing abuse, feel very distressed for this.

She still alludes the mood of instantly, think to should put down the state of mind that hates others and grievance psychology. Crammer can be temporary becloud the eye of people and auditive and delusive common people, but believe to elapse as time, the

truth can be shown certainly.

Piao Jinhui will on December 31 get-off, lawyer Liu Rongxia says, she still is accepting treatment, predict ability will leave hospital on Feburary 1, 2022. Han intermediary says, piao Jinhui is latter healthy aggravation, besides the chronic illness such as shoulder and lumbar disease, the tooth also cannot chew food, can drink congee only or eat chow mien, because psychosis is disturbed, ever still accepted treatment in division of mental health medicine.

Because Piao Jinhui's residence just already was enforced to auction by check, use guaranty penalty, so get-off hind faces homeless awkward situation. 25 days, piao Jin discloses afterbirth younger sister, piao Jinhui had new dwelling.

Piao Jin says, circulate Piao Jinhui is met before by amnesty, so little brother Piao Zhi is in late all the time arrange abode for Piao Jinhui. See a doctor for convenient elder sister, simple ideal evening is flat searched around the hospital alone Xiaolou.

Piao Jin still expresses, piao Jin

hui hears of by amnesty hind, originally the tooth cannot chew a thing, she what can drink congee only, was about that day a bowl of soft rice. She restores healthy volition to become strong, the hope stands before the countryman with healthy position. (abroad net Liu is strong)

Original title: Plain Jin Hui Xinshu opens to booking hot cover exposure: Wear mouth of close lightly of bright red dress to laugh at responsibility editor: Ceng Shaolin