Korea navy is in Japan of training of periphery of islands of day Han controversy to put forward to protest

In report will occupy new network on June 15 day intermediary report, korea navy expresses 15 days this month, be in to 16 days since that day island of bamboo of islands of day Han controversy (Korea says alone island) the routine that circumjacent maritime space holds tentative idea islands to defend trains. Riverside of ministry of quarter at southeast the Marine Corps will attend and undertake the island trains ascending. Nevertheless, ever also had happened to en

rage a state because of the day not beautiful the circumstance that wait and did not carry out.

To this, constitution of fir of bureau director gold treats the Oceania of Asia of province of Japanese foreign affairs 15 days to be stationed in day of embassy to Korea second banquet envoy puts forward protest to say, concern the footing of bamboo island dominion according to our country, cannot accept after all. Extremely regretful.

As we have learned, the Korea navy training in this island periphery is basic every

half an year is carried out. This will be May after Wen Zaiyin government appears on the stage first. Personage introduction calls training dimensions and in former years coequal level related the army.

Korea navy trains this fixed position to inbreak to aim to prevent outside force alone insular routine trains, express to 7 naval ships such as navy and 4 planes attend.