The report ranks competition ability of G20 country innovation: China of American to lead the 8th

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In new network Beijing on July 5 report (reporter Zhang Ni) a report that issues 5 days in Beijing is right 20 countries group (competition ability of G20) country innovation undertook contrasting analytic. The result shows, the United States, England, Korea the before 3 armour that list G20 member, china ranks the 8th in G20, it is the before be being entered exclusively 10 developing country in G20.

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5 days, by social science document press publishs " 20 countries group (competition ability of G20) country innovation develops a report (2016-2017) " release in Beijing. This " report " by countrywide economy center of cent of Normal University of Fujian of research center of integrated competition ability is written, this also is the 5th when task group releases continuously 20 countries group (competition ability of G20) country innovation evaluates a report.

" report " show, in the country evaluation of innovation competition ability ranks a side, the United States, England, Korea the before 3 armour that list G20 member, china ranks the 8th in G20, it is the before be being entered exclusively 10 developing country in G20.

The reporter understands from the meeting, competition ability of so-called state innovation, it is to show a country is opposite inside alive bound limits the outspread force of the appeal of innovation resource and innovation space, and the consequence to circumjacent country or area, radiant emitance, belt motivation, it is to enhance one country the impulsion of competition ability, have the effect of essential sex to promoting a country competition ability.

It is formed by 5 element, innovate namely fundamental competition ability, innovation environment competition ability, innovation investment competition ability, innovation yields competition ability, innovation lasts competition ability. These 5 element adopt a variety of measures such as economy, science and technology, policy, the competition of the competition that reflects value chain segment integratedly, alternative competition, competition of integrated ability and internationalization domain.

" report " according to 20 countries group (what innovation of G20) ea

ch member develops is actual, compose built competition ability of G20 country innovation to evaluate quota system (comprise by index of index of index of an one class, 5 2 class, 33 3 class) with mathematical model, to 2014-2015 year 20 countries group (the national innovation competition ability of country of G20) each member undertakes evaluating an analysis.

" report " the analysis says, from notch integratedly reach its to distributing the circumstance looks, competition ability of G20 country innovation notchs show shape of a flight of stairs to distributing, and difference is bigger.

2015, only the innovation competition ability of a country of American notchs achieve 70 minutes of above, the others country all under 60 minutes; Among them, 5 countries upright at 50 ~ 60 minutes, 4 countries upright at 40 ~ 50 minutes, upright without the country at 30 ~ 40 minutes, 6 countries upright at 20 ~ 30 minutes, 3 countries upright at 10 ~ 20 minutes.

In light of whole, each countries notch difference is very apparent, the United States notchs highest for 78.6 minutes, exceed other and all country far, other country notchs all do not have prep above 60 minutes, among them China notchs for 46.8. Notch lowermost Indonesia has 12.4 minutes only, india also has 16.7 minutes only, notch with the United States and other developed country difference is very big.

" report " emphasize, the country with national innovation higher competition ability basically distributings in the developed country, 9 developed countries are in entirely the first phalanx and the 2nd phalanx, only the platoon is in the 8th China is a developing country, this highlights report foundation of progress of economy, society is better since the developed country is long-term, resource of talent of innovation investment, innovation and advantage of innovation system environment are clear, accordingly, these national innovation ability and competition ability are stronger also.

" report " think, national innovation competition ability is inferior basically is a developing country, concentration distributings in the 3rd with the fourth phalanx, this is the economic society that results from these countries development level is relatively inferior, and return as apparent as developed country existence difference in the respect such as benefit of investment of innovation environment, innovation, innovation, need changes this kind of condition vigorously, promote a country innovation competition ability ceaselessly. (Be over)

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