DNA analysis announces the road of world of feline Mi conquer: Egypt is crucial node

Login register analysis of DNA of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to announce the road of world of feline Mi conquer: Is Egypt: of crucial node origin? Salary  ?2017-06-20 19:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency an integrated research will show electric Belgium on June 20, the cat begins to live jointly with the mankind in the area of the Near East 10 thousand years ago about, pass to European etc area through ancient Egypt ever since, become one of pet with the maximum amount on the world finally.

Data chart: Feline Mi

University of Belgian Lu Wen and institute of Belgian royal science cooperate, use the feline skeleton that comes from many archaeology relics of the Near East, Africa and Europe, tooth, skin and hair, before analysing 100 years, come before 9000 the DNA of many 200 cats, the feline mummy of the remains that includes ancient Rome cat, ancient Egypt.

This is published in England " natural · ecology and evolution " the research on the magazine confirms, all moggy origi

nate African caracal, this is a subspecies of caracal, the life is in Africa and area of the Near East. Before the mankind makes an appointment with 10 thousand years, in new moon fertile ground begins the earliest agriculture activity when, also begin to raise a cat, the cereal that the reason may be resident dot stockpile draws on rat to suffer from, person and cat form mutual benefit to concern accordingly. New moon fertile ground is to point to on the west inferior, ground of fertile soil of delta of Nile cereal, Nile and two rivers region and fertilizer of a chain of crescent around.

The analysis shows, ancient Egypt is the crucial node of feline trend world, the mankind is likely to destroy rat and migrat

e in terraqueous two-way there is a cat in reaching commerce road, make they pass Xiang Xiya, Africa and European and other places, baltic archaic Viking relics has discovered even boreal Europe the remains of Egypt cat. Nevertheless researcher still is not clear about, the cat that moves toward the world from Egypt is to originate after all the Near East, or somewhere else another breed of domestication.

What differ with the dog is, because domesticate,feline gene is done not have and produce tremendous change, the gene communication of moggy and caracal all the time very frequent. The moggy exterior nowadays and characteristics and caracal still very similar, just go alone characteristics is so not strong, can mix with the mankind restrainedly quite other cat is concomitant. This also proves again, the mankind is participated in to feline evolution degree very low, "Domesticate cat " view actually not quite exact.

DNA analysis returns discovery, the furry decorative pattern of archaic cat basically is strip, the cat of stain record figure leaves till mediaeval ability popularity come, this may be the result that the mankind begins to undertake selective breeding to the cat eventually.

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