General Beijing Er of times silent gram sees Aobamaan big country of high official " wish detailed list "

2015 on international political field, they regard big country as leader, every word and deed is wide get attention. 2016, they will still active go up in international arena, but having endless and same administration focal point and first work again. As new come one year, they list the wish detailed list that issues their early perhaps in the heart, and these desires also will be mattered to henceforth international overall situation of a year.

[Aobama: Political bequest]

2016 is American president Aobama last years of lieutenancy, become the sprint that he consolidates and extends political bequest naturally year. He is in no less than the place on the press conference says end of the year this year, 2016 he won't keep to the side stands, and want hammer and tongs.

According to the White House the view of a few senior officials, the gain that Aobama needs to consolidate in these last years is not little: Reform of medical treatment insurance still is being advanced, agreement of Iranian nucleus problem remains to carry out, start with normalization of Cuba foreign relations before long, cross Pacific Ocean associate to concern (TPP) the agreement remains congress approval, carbon decreases a plan to still need to advance

In addition, aobama still plans to seek congress to cooperate, in firearms the canal accuses, shut Cuba to close a tower that rub the respect such as the jail seeks a breakthrough.

Although Aobama drive congress to approve Tpp agreement to label 2016 the first goal of administration, but many government official and scholar point out, fear the setting with grim with each passing day situation falling instead in the whole world, be on guard assault of American experience horror, ensure land is safe, ability should be the first important or urgent business of Aobama.

Alundaiweimile is in scholar of center of scholar of international of Wu Deluo of American wisdom library's Wilson website of news network of American cable television is published, the head that ensuring American safety is undoubted is detailed list of wish of abstruse Ba Ma. Aobama is in in order to do not have man-machine blow is terroristic wait for a respect to be gotten more actively than predecessor much, but if foreign horror is organized since 9 11 (to the United States) initiate make a surprise attack to hold the post of in him first inside happen, those (fear hard instead) the bequest that serves as a president to him does not have much carelessness justice.

The person that New Year desire of Aobama still should include succeed sb in a post is person of the Democratic Party this one, and he also will try hard for this. Saying like place of official of a the White House: To this president character, want to safeguard the progress that was obtained 7 years in the past, without better than singling out the person that a the Democratic Party is replaced idea.

[Mokeer: Refugee predicament]

In July 2015 with TV programs of a flock of transcribe of high school student when, er of gram of German premier silent faces Sa Weier of beautiful Mu of girl of 14 years old of Palestine to continue in Germany the request of resident attend school, cannot deal with so much person to serve as a response with us, let this girl choke up with sobs, also draw German media and people quarrelling sound.

However, after a few weeks, when large quantities of Syria refugees emerge to Europe, this cold-blooded that be approved iron a form of address for one's wife however instantly acceptance offers asylum. According to England " financial times " description, silent Kerr weak poin

t transformed in a few weeks she is alive the figure in person eye, the premier of that discretion, consolidate step by step disappeared, those who replace is a belief stur

dy, dare the politician of clappers.

Because be in refugee crisis,gaining reputation, " financial times " , the United States " times " the media such as weekly judges Mokeer for 2015 year figure, england " economics person " the magazine also is cover with her, say for indispensable European.

Nevertheless, come as refugee number mushroom on 1 million, achieve multiple the dimensions at in former years, what Mokeer belongs to alliance of political Germany Christian democracy (abbreviation radical civilian alliance) begin to appear with governmental interior different sound, the manner of local government and people also happens invert. Can go up in the European Union peak December, be found a place for plan by the refugee that Mokeer calls a success before, also cash by multilateral leader doubt not do one's best.

Base on the year congress that civilian alliance will hold in December, mokeer maintains refugee policy to the utmost, affirmatory take effective measures, decrease apparently enter a country refugee number of Germany, receive ability in order to ensure Germany but durative. The measure that she offers includes to seek Turkey to cooperate blow is crossed secretly and billabong refugee, strengthen canal of European exterior border to accuse, urge European solidarity to answer carry jointly duty etc.

Have media comment, 2016, the biggest challenge depends on Mokeer whether the acceptance that add concerns refugee issue now, this will immediate impact its politics future.

[An Beijin 3: The ambition that write constitution]

Japanese year Chinese character was 2015 how, not be to show Japanese premier brings times advance 3 oneself, show he is disregarded however object pushing the security bill that pass sound, by force. Because security proposed law ended Japan afterwar and old the policy that defends defense only, meeting general Japan pulls hazardous condition, a lot of Japan peoples feel upset, wait quiet life.

After security proposed law is passed, how times will begin to achieve its oldest politics ambition 2016: Revise the peaceful constitution that manacles Japanese exercise armed strength. How times disclose before this will go with respect to Xiu Xianju after senatorial Spring 2016 election the whole people is common cast, because outcome of this senatorial election is attached most importance to especially,want, mix from civilian party fair bright leading Party group becomes be in office allied whether continue the palm controls parliament two courtyards are mattered to directly install the Xiu Xian motion of times. But no matter election outcome how, install the ambition writing constitution of times to will naturally cause area insecurity condition, object strongly what suffer home and international society.

Japan still will sponsor 7 countries 2016 group (G7) the peak is met, how times as Amphitryon predicting meeting borrows machine strengthen international public relations, include to hawk smuggled goods on the problem such as modification constitution, Nanhai, pull ally platform by force.

Although Japan is low,confused economy has made clear install times economics to be in invalidation, but how times as only then the person that make tomb figure still can be in 2016 enumerate data, high-key advertise, shoot especially those who aim at hope and dream is new 3 arrows, with period with take the development economy, catchword that improves the people's livelihood seriously to get common feelings of people. But Japan of no less than " choose " monthly magazine oppugns in that way, where did the 3rd arrow that before bringing times government, fires go? Installing the number of times enumerate to look is a few imaginary number only just. Empty no matter how cumulative also be empty after all.

[general Beijing: Fear break out of an encirclement instead]

If fight inevitable, that starts work first! General Beijing explains why Russia wants to spread out a military affairs to act in Syria so, attack terrorist. But beyond the expect of general Beijing, turkey became the one party that starts work first unexpectedly, will be in area of border of earthy appraise two countries on November 24 down opportunity for combat of a Russia. General Beijing bitterly attack its rearward is painful knife.

Although with Turkey become enemies, but general Beijing is in 2016 will still exert oneself acts in Syrian military affairs, with period layout middle east, the diplomacy that continues to because Wu Kelan crisis is carried out to Russia,break through western country is isolated, hold the power position on international arena. Speech of national condition report is medium 2015, general Beijing is in whole journey used 1/4 time in 58 minutes, talk about international to horror browbeats and fear a problem instead only.

From beautiful last year in March Ou Yin Wu Kelan crisis brings to bear on many rounds since punish, the Russia that general Beijing leads is immersed in inside and outside for a time double predicament. But as raise in Syria fear old standard instead, general Beijing consolidated Russia is in not only the martial existence of middle east and strategic interest, and the breakthrough achieves on diplomacy, pull wait for the west with France nearly the relation of main country. And the Beijing that be like general a few days ago place character, russia and United States are solving appraise crisis to close key problem to go up already footing close.

Because international oil price drops considerably and short-term have hard puissant rebound evidence, general Beijing predicted to put the emphasis to home even 2016 economically, assure Russia the national economy and the people's livelihood that this oil exports big country.

[Aolangde: The country is safe]

Nightly on November 13, 2015, hooter resounds through Paris, after Ao Langde publishs brief TV living broadcast to speak, drive Badakelan to the theater hastily, be here that evening the place with the most disastrous casualty in series horror assault.

Current, the shadow of horrible assault has not drop off, french whole area still is in critical condition, common France common people still lacks safe sense. Accordingly, to the Aolangde under weigh, how beat back is terroristic, maintaining national security was 2016 undoubtedly one of first work.

For this, ao Langde is striving for wide support in abroad, with period cooperative blow organizes Mohammedan country extremely; Relatively lax information and safe system are reorganized in home, strengthen pair of suspects be on guard and monitoring, prevent especially alone wolf type makes a surprise attack. The viewpoint thinks, to Aolangde, the most essential still be in how to answer domestic Moslem a group of things with common features group, make its blend in French society better, but this job is finished inside in one day hard apparently.

In addition, paris fears raiding after happening, french home nationalism and racialism look up, in the light of Moslem a group of things with common features group animosity and attack behavior increase significantly, this has brought about French politics wind direction to produce delicate change, the consequence of alignment of countryman of ultra-Right ala political party increases ceaselessly. Accordingly, ao Langde also needed to consider to answer domestic political field to change 2016, layout 2017 French president election.

[Cameron: Take off Europe fair cast]

I believe 2016 will be us a year when manage truly crucial gain, the relationship that changes England and European Union at all, solve British people finally to us (European Union) member country positional care.

Cameron will be in British premier on December 18 during peak of European Union winter can ring down the curtain, be opposite of media this make known one's position, be regarded as him to held Europe 2016 with respect to England fair the strongest suggestion that cast.

Previous acceptance is in Cameron whether was the European Union broken away from to hold the whole people with respect to England before the bottom 2017 fair cast, stay in the European Union to raise 4 requirements with respect to England, involve the innovation of the respect such as processing of European Union economy, competition ability, dominion and immigrant. According to Cameron's view, core of to British people character it may be said tells these 4 requirements beg, if get satisfaction, he will drive the European Union after England stays in reform heart and soul, do not eliminate England to pass otherwise fair project the possibility that breaks away from an European Union.

Stand in the angle of the European Union, walk along good don't bother to see me out or do according to what you say, bad to speak a mouth easily. Then, the peak of this European Union by 2015 is met on, the European Union that England puts forward reforms plan to become one of main topic for discussions, talk things over related obtain significant progress. According to Tusike of chairman of Council of Europe view of 18 days, although leader attending the meeting expresses concern to reform, but the inclination that still showed a likelihood to compromise.

In British home, recently a few months for many times civilian attune shows, support stays in European Union and the people scale that exit an European Union to comparative, fall on 40 % . But notable is, england in each political party, rate of support of doubt Europe group is bullish, the interior of the Conservative Party that even if leads in Cameron also is put in difference. And the refugee crisis that swept across Europe 2015, the likelihood makes more England people choose Europe.

Take off Europe about England, block what Mei Lun should work 2016 to have two things actually: Let England stay, and the European Union after wanting to stay in reform. Want to complete these two works, be unavoidable one time hard effort. (Jie of Zhang Wei a-surname) (border client carries Xin Huaguo)