Outside intermediary: IS is chosen flower to play one assault end 400 emperor soldier already was arrived at

The White House announces, presidential Aobama will be in period of time of gold of 6 days of evening, publish to the whole nation through TV fear spe

cial speech instead, at the appointed time he will announce American government cashs how the first first goal that upholds American people safety, and the action that takes to hit IS place. The gold period of time that this is day of speech of routine of the 3rd Yu Fei inside lieutenancy of abstruse Ba Ma publishs the whole nation to speak in elliptic office. Additional it is two to was accident of oil of Mexican bay leakage to address; is of the same age in June 2010 announce the United States ends the battle operation in Iraq. The proposal of pop of oratorical focusing California that the Aobama before this publishs in 5 days, he firm say, the United States won't be frightened, appeal strengthen firearms canal to accuse.

Horrible assault shadow envelops the whole world before the Christmas comes. Bell of director of assistant of police station of England center-west region says 5 days to Reuter, strength

ening what fear raiding menace to England to be on guard hand in hand with Parisian police and safe branch. Official of orgnaization of European Union information says to CNN last week, IS already chose England, assault a target as the next. This official says, leave England to already amounted to 800 people to the Englishman of Syrian effectiveness IS, amount to 400 people to already returned the job that England is started to atttack by consign at present among them. Chairman of committee of Wu of the government affairs inside British parliament covers with tiles at present expresses, at present is on guard carefully only.

Japan " produce classics news " the viewpoint of force of politics of international of Singapore of 5 days of cite and Gunalana of director of terroristic research center says, IS interest already spread to Asian vast area, holy soldiers of the Asia already returned ancestral home country to prepare be found out and brought to justice from middle east. He says, information shows IS commands global proponent last week: Need not support IS to Iraq and Syria, await christmas to launch assault in him country however.

According to coverage of Japanese news network, japanese Tokyo is silver-colored if bos stops,the inn of straight battalion of American apple company of an ave suffers 6 days midday the epistolary menace of inn of mobile general blast. Tokyo alarm inspect hall urgent and scattered about 150 clients inside inn, but did not find doubtful article inside inn. Suffer Paris to fear raiding an influence, japanese government decides 4 days to establish international to fear data gathering form instead ahead of schedule, create command post in premier official mansions. Group of this data gathering will assemble from departmental door expert, cent becomes middle east, North Africa, southeast Asia, South Asia 4 groups, the personnel of situation of perfectness foreign language, familiar place returns the diplomatic and consular missions outside will be being come to be stationed in by the clique.

Occupy additionally " Indian times " 5 days of reports, at least 4 Mohammedan militant groups are religious army the element already slipped into India to prepare assassinate Mo Di. They planned two program, it is according to Paris horror assaults mode, undertake on the public meeting that attends in Mo Di large-scale mow; 2 if cannot pass through,be cordon, mix in grenade of cast of the Xiang Modi in the crowd. According to the preliminary investigation of police, this attack acts by devotional army Duyana directs new commander, he hopes can start shooting assumes office the first artillery piece. Indian information bureau and special operation group already captured 3 terrorist at present, chase the person that escape with all one's strength.