Brazilian police and wife brawl open 11 guns to send its to die repeatedly in the street (the spot pursues)

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news of the network austral Fujian and wife brawl to connect 11 guns to send its to die in the street (does the spot pursue) origin: ? Thank  ?2015-11-04 16:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel

This will be on October 20 in the morning city of Brazilian southeast ministry the Jing fetch of Wubeilandiya happening one act: A police chases the wife that approachs madly on the ave, and 11 guns cause close quarters a running fire the wife dies. The data shows this shooting time of 46 years old of men is about in the morning 10:50.

The graph holds a gun for the man pursuant wife

Monitoring kinescope shows, rodrigues Carneiro of 36 years old

tries to rush in the husband before the back shoots, escape ever since, open 11 guns repeatedly in the husband however later she immediately on the side of the car that paralysis pours in to stopping. The scheme leaves 11 guns to be connected to the wife

After talking things over several hours with police, the man confesses his crime actively, be taken later toward Wubeilandiya the clinical hospital of the university guards next acceptance to treat in police. The government claims he is not witting what do he and wife controversy cross. The graph is arrested subsequently for this police

Rodrigues Carneiro

After video picture exposure, in the from mouth to mouth on gregarious media, condemn by netizen blowout.

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