Azure coast rainstorm causes France big calamity at least 12 people die

According to Afp report, french southeast ministry is azure the coast before dawn will cause big disaster because of rainstorm on October 4, bring about a river definitely the bank is flush, cause death of at least 12 people.

Local urgent res

cuer and official say, river definitely after the bank, one place beadhouse is flooded by the flood, 3 people drown and die. Additional, a car is stranded inside channel, be addicted to of the 3 peop

le inside the car dies, still 5 people search according to the letter take shelter from rain die when car is in berth. Knock gently in famed holiday resort accept, one person is died by be addicted to on the street. Knock gently accept mayor office says to had begun to carry out urgent beforehand case

French railroad SNCF expresses, for safe for the purpose of, more than 10 trains are forced to halt use, hundreds passenger goes up tiredly at the car. The highway near Angdibu also is flooded by the flood.

Branch of French weather forecast points out, the most serious storm has headed for Italian coast from French mainland. (Letter lotus)