Outside intermediary: Burmese general election will hold a knife to atttack to opposition candidate by several people (graph)

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ter of news of the network austral Fujian: Will Burmese general election hold a knife to atttack to opposition candidate by several people (graph) origin: ? Comfort?2015-10-30 09:0 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The intermediary outside the report will weigh reference news net on October 30, in the distance Burmese historic general election is mere 10 days during, the anthology of a contest with allied democracy of opposition whole nation can be atttacked by Dao Jian.

Naing Ngan Lin regains consciousness according to weighing from time to time, from time to time is insensible (BBC website)

Will report on October 30 according to BBC website, eyewitness says, assembly that several men that hold Dao Jian pounded countrywide democratic alliance to will go in Yang Guangju on October 29.

Candidate of countrywide democratic alliance, currently hold the post ofhead of assemblyman Naing Ngan Lin and hand ministry to get hurt, be sent toward the hospital.

Already person of know exactly about sth is arrested in incident.

The wife of Naing Ngan Lin says to BBC reporter, his from time to time is insensible, from time to time is sober.

Opposition ever was asked the publicity that cancels meeting is minatory before this, but they did not pay attention to such warning.

Burmese the general election that will be about to hold on November 8 is come 25 years Burmese the open general election that holds first, expect countrywide democratic alliance will win most seat.

The report says, at present distance general election has 10 days of time only, and after cacique of countrywide democratic alliance holds Shan Suji high to also plan 3 days, a large meeting is chaired in Yang Guang.

Holding Shan Suji high to have two sons is foreign citizen, accordingly she cannot run for the presidency.

But she expresses, once the throughout the country is democratic,alliance wins victory in general election, she will lead this nation.

Hold Shan Suji high to ever entered countrywide general election 1990, win overwhelming victory.

But Burmese military goverment disregards that election outcome, put season of the element that hold hill high under house arrest those who amount to 15 years is long.

Ministerial federal consolidates with development the party was won 2010 general election, but that the election is boycotted alliedly by countrywide democracy, and get be put in extensive fraudulent practice censure.

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