Report of year of global competition ability releases: China of Swiss to lead is listed the 28th

World economy forum will be released on September 30 " competition ability of 2015-2016 whole world reports " show, first what Singapore competition ability occupies Asia-Pacific area, china row whole world the 28th.

This report is competition ability cent efficiency of market of environment of system construction, infrastructure, macroscopical economy, commodity to wait for 12 respects, measure the whole world with this the capability that 140 economy system is promoting respect of productivity development and social prosperity.

The report shows, whole of competition ability of Asian economy system to good. Singapore is next to Switzerland to rank the whole world the 2nd, before area of Hong Kong of Japan, China resides the whole world firmly also 10 strong. Chinese platoon is in the 28th, with on year keeps balance, continue to

get run golden brick country, still be the economic system that the whole world basically provides competition ability most in rising market. Indian rank rose 16, reach the 55th.

East alliance is the largest 5 countries ascend entirely on sheet of body a list of names posted up half part, the rank is ordinal for Malaysia (the 18th) , Thailand (the 32nd) , Indonesian (the 37th) , Philippine (the 47th) with Vietnam (the 56th) .

The United States resides the 3rd. European respect, rank of competition ability of heart law two countries all has rise, british criterion relatively on year drop.

The report points out, the competition ability of an economy system and its education, attract, the ability that use and supports talent development is direct and relevant. When facing world crisis, the economic put oneself in another's position with strong competition ability can be shown stronger resist and anabiosis ability, and burgeoning economy system anabiosises lack of power, may be in the next time global economy is turbulent in be immersed in more very grave, long-term difficult position.

Author of world economy forum holds executive chairman Kelaosishiwabu concurrently to point out, the 4th times Industrial Revolution is quickening ecbolic and brand-new industry and economic mode, also bring about pattern of a few existing industries at the same time rapid decline. Want to retain competition ability in new economic environment, need to take the crucial essential factor that stimulative prod

uctivity grows seriously highly, be like talent and innovation.

Regard imperscriptible international as the organization, world economy forum is annual the summer and winter are held twice respectively get newly army person annual meeting (amount to) of Wo Si forum, already became each country high official and business circles personage to discuss the main platform of world economy problem.