Uganda hopeful brought into Chinese the countryman to teach a plan 2017

Handkerchief of xinhua net bank is pulled on September 27 before electric Uganda Ministry of Education senior official shows 26 days, uganda is being driven the countryman brought into Chinese to teach a plan 2017, chinese hopeful becomes the subject of foreign language t

ake as an elective course of Uganda middle school, become afterwards the language of the 5th foreign language after Arabic, Latin, French, German.

Kadiba is

in Connie of the director before black country course develops a center 26 days when Maikeleilei makes a speech in activity of day of university Confucius institute, Uganda makes afore-mentioned expression. Kadiba says, as Chinese economy actual strength increasingly powerful, uganda Ministry of Education thinks, uganda needs to add Chinese in middle school course, in order to enhance the competition ability that Uganda student gets on in the international market.

As we have learned, kadiba just retired, also overcome institute of Confucius of thunder thunder university to learn Chinese in wheat at present, already entered phase of the 2nd study. I want to tell everybody, chinese is not an imagination in learn so hard, in hoping more person joins the main force that learns Chinese, come and insist to learn, earlier study Chinese is benefited earlier, she says.

Kadiba says, uganda government hopes more local youths learn Chinese, develop in order to drive national economy, study Chinese can make Uganda student has more obtain employment opportunities.

Uganda wheat overcomes institute of Confucius of thunder thunder university to uncovered a shop sign in December 2014. Uganda wheat overcomes the Siteaokailuoaoguang inside Europe of thunder thunder vice-chancellor to tell Xinhua News Agency the reporter, nearly 100 students are in this school Chinese major learns, school inside and outside attends Chinese short-term groomed number exceeds 500 people.

(Original title: Uganda hopeful brought into Chinese the countryman to teach a plan 2017)