A female person that take off north asks to return face to say to want to return precious home (graph)

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The Jin Lianji that Korea escapes 4 years ago (sound) those who weigh oneself is fugitive it is a mistake. She reclaims in a reject nowadays the factory works. (data picture)

Reference news net will report beautiful intermediary says on August 23, from 20 centuries 90 time end rises, already person of on 10 thousand Korea escapes to Korea. There is to want to return Korea among them.

According to the United States " new York Times " the website will report on August 20, female singer of lotus of Korea tailor gold (sound) say, she takes off north 4 years ago is mistake of a huge. She says, since her since the first day when come to Korea, she thinks all the time, return poor Korea, live together with the husband, daughter and ailing parents. But, all effort that she makes are infructuous not just, still brought more trouble to her, because be accused to be spy and be imprisoned in Korea,include.

The report says, she is in an Er is t

he closest the complain tearfully on press conference: Free, creature comfort and other temptation, to me character not as good as the family is important, consider a meeting starved to death, I also want to return the home that I treasure.

This incident is extremely barpque and screwy, it is blind lane everywhere, now is Korea government does not allow her to leave. Although Korea government expresses to sympathize with to her circumstances, but say again, she regards parole as convict, have no right hold passport. Additional, rose that day from what she sets foot on Korea land, she has become Korea citizen, and according to Korea law, help citizen of a Korea escape toward hostile country Korea breaks the law.

Report, an official is anonymous the law case that is different from common to this expressed an opinion, we know her sad story, but at the moment, it is under active law, we can not help her method.

The report says, fantastic story of Jin Lianji only then 2011. One that year she visits her family to China visit friend, treat liver disease at the same time. She says, she knew a broker in China, this person can take her to Korea secretly, in Korea a few months can earn a lot of money, next she can return China again.

Although she already married a doctor of smooth soil, went up to be relatively rich life by Korea standard too, but she says, she still signed an agreement with broker, because she thinks,earn the help that choose fund to pay medical expenses.

The report says, in the some hour before heading for Korea, she has realized this is a bad idea. But the passport that broker had confiscated her, say to her, had done not have loop.

The report says, when way Thailand, she referred a manuscript to agree with boreal book, korea refugee enters Korea place to must be referred this. However, she begins to ask to allow her to return Korea to Korea. But she discovers, korea has the program of the person that accept north only, did not send them the way that go back.

Because fear oneself leave home time is too long, the family that has let smooth soil is in dangerous situation, she adopted all sorts of flinging caution to the winds, the way that makes a person incomprehensible sometimes, the result causes a bigger trouble instead.

She says, she ever had contacted a broker, discuss to cross the thing that leave the country secretly. She is stationed in a consulate of China to call to Korea for many times, seek a help. Do not obtain Korea passport, she tries to forge. She still did later she says now for stupid thing, her way is obvious very impolitic. She says, she begins to act as for Korea emissary, gather the mobile phone number of the person that north is taken off in Korea and other individual information. She says: I think absurdly, once they believe I am emissary, the person that they can regard make trouble as me renvoi.

When the attest on the court she still says later, she informed against her emissary behavior to police even, entreat them to check quickly I. However, renvoi is not Korea to handle emissary way. July 2014, she is arrested by police, police accuses she commits emissary blame and crime of jerk a gybe.

She is sentenced guilty, obtain two years of set term of imprisonments. April 2015 portion, in her serve a sentence after 9 months, court of Cassation decides pair of her reprieve, think her surrender can serve as the reason of commute a sentence. She by parole, but still be in surveillance in.

Subsequently, jin Lianji broke up to offer later, deny Korea to let her do spy, also denied a data to give secret service. She says now, she is to be left the country by repatriate only, pretend to become emissary, she says she was done disloyal honest, for the sake of reducing short prison term.

The Zhang Qingxu of human rights lawyer that helping golden lady all the time (sound) say: Her behavior is too absurd, she cannot be emissary. Korea is early discuss how to will resemble her with respect to this such person sends came home.

The report says, her law case did not cause a lot of attention in Korea. Korea also has not published a comment to this case.

Jin Lianji is in at present always one of plain city reclaims processing plant works, the operation cuts old wire broken machine. She expresses to still have deep lov

e for Korea, this lets her be in Korea is undesirable, but perhaps be to protect her to make the same score the family of soil.

What Jin Lianji says number of her Korea mobile phone is final the birthday that 4 digit word represents Jin Richeng, jin Richeng is Korea founds a state the leader, grandfather that currently holds the post ofleader Jin Zhengen. She says she has deep love for Jin Richeng, father of unripe like what have deep love for oneself body is same. She says, when watching game of two countries women football 2013, her Ceng Yan contains hot tear ground to sing Korea national anthem.

She says: I hope Korea realizes, I am not a traitor, I never did not forget my motherland, even if be an instant that blinking, this is more important than any. If I am arrested by the accusation with spy, I am becoming aware that proves I never betray the motherland at least.

The report says, judge Jin Lianji very hard in the motive of backside of this kind of opinion on public affairs, having how many part is the patriotism that the country engrafts, more or less be the scared feeling with revulsive country.

Cui Chenghao of producer of old brand TV (sound) say to investigating Newstapa of sexual news website to report Jin Lianji story. This producer says: Can help an explanation to the concern of family she looks be like curious acedia behavior.

The report says, current, the only hope that Jin Lianji comes home perhaps is two countries agreement of some kind of politics can be reached between the government. Korea has rigid policy to prohibit the person that repatriate is sentenced to commit emissary crime, repatriate passes twice only on the history, it is 1993, it is another 2000, it is to friendly gesture is made in bilateral negotiation.

The report says, golden lady says: I never had imagined, I trust to the mistake of broker at the outset, can cause such disastrous effect. A lesson that I get is, like me such Korea person is opposite Korea socially the thing is how ignorant, no less than is Korean like also understanding Korea.

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