African man believes to suck the blood that hematic filling evil kills 13 women and they get on blot personally

According to Hong Kong " new newspaper " will report on May 15, in African Zimbabwe, du Na of favour of 26 years old of men believes to suck hematic filling body, be suspected of murdering 13 women, their blood is sucked like just like bloodsucker.

Enduna is arrested inside inn of a night last week, after he admits killing woman and the blood that they get on blot personally, include to get on 25 days month to ever killed 26 years old woman. Enduna expresses,

what its belong to church to teach his water blood can powerful body. He says: I am catching her, bite her n

eck, suck her blood, till her senseless. Police is investigating him to whether involve other murder case.

He sufferred person Zuo Zuo in October 2013, is pointed to to apply to death the woman of witch Xiao , after will be in in April to this year all the time mid be found out and brought to justice for many times with the south, strangle of victim after her , suck again male the blood of halfway person. he from Er it is Satan teaching believer, believe to suck blood to be able to make his Zhu is gotten more , the message shows he detains period Zuo to stay in Li room ever haematemesis laps blood again male, on there also is bloodstain on dress of front courtyard .