Canada inferior descendants goes on strike remonstrant sex teachs outline: 3 grade teach a homosexual

Sexual education outline is causing the new edition middle and primary school that how Canada visits government office of free party card to come on stage generally to object strongly, begin from 3 days, include inferior on 10 thousand parents that descendants inside carry children to go on strike a week, protest lead of this outline content and barefaced.

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y hall, on parade of party of time of Indian stannum Ke Zujia and in held marathon job is being added closely dene on the west, appeared religious group public figure, inferior parent of a group of things with common features descendants carries descendants and other minority the form that schoolchild protests. The organizer that protests an activity collects nearly 10 thousand petition to sign inside 1 day, protest the gender signs gross already exceeded 100 thousand. This is afterwards after demonstrate protesting before nearly 10 thousand people are saving a government in April again large protest activity.

Teach outline according to new edition sex, witting what 3 grade student wants is homosexual and homosexual marriage; 6 grade (12 years old) it is normal and harmless that the student should know to the vagina lubricates and masturbate and happy; 7 grade (13 years old) will discuss be pregnant with contraceptive problem, discussion anus is handed in with oral sex. Ms. Liu Qing says one of Chinese organizers of the activity, this new outline gives one way together with the version that was prevented 2010, and content is more barefaced, do not suit schoolchild age more. What make a person anxious more is the pleasure that outline emphasizes sexual behavior bringing and complete oversight love, family and morality.

The person that enter demonstrate activity thinks, this has the religious belief that violates them and domestic viewpoint of value. More parent is afraid, such sex teachs course too cross lead, it is irresponsible, the attention of dispersive children. Among them, inferior descendants group thinks, inferior the child that descendants children is different from wes

tern white man, average growth is later, knowledge of sex of unfavorable and premature professor, this meeting makes children premature undertake the gender tries, lose Tong Zhen.

Nevertheless, canadian mainstream public opinion on the whole deflection teachs outline at supporting new edition sex, think parents are opposite with opposition party many have the harmful sex of education outline to misunderstand and exaggerate the ill will of its demit. But the part that they also have to admit to a few lead and barefaced content have not proper truly. One newest civilian attune shows, the person of 42% supports new edition sex to teach outline, the person of 40% expresses to object. Multivariate social Canada appears in the difference on this problem temporarily hard close.

2010, because meet with outcry, the outline of similar sex education that government of the province before free party rolls out is forced cancel. But last week 3, governor Wei En is in with the parent still express toughly after meeting, province government will carry out new outline in September this year as scheduled. Saving Ministry of Education to grow the proposal that Sangdeersi offers is, parents can choose to let the child do not attend sexual education class.

Attend at present go on strike mobile parent is mixed with trailer division, Che Tie pat the small film form on the net to arouse more parent is joined, plan today summer undertake mass protest parades during the Pan American athletic meeting that holds in Canada. The comment says, if government of free party province is uncompromising, free party is in federal of probable meeting influence general election will choose situation mediumly this year in October. (round-the-world times is stationed in Li Xuejiang of Canadian special correpondent)