Iraqi happening convict is raided alarm incident of escape from prison at least 30 people die

Report will occupy xinhua net Bagdad on May 9 Iraqi safety branch 9 days of messages, yidongbudiyala saves 8 days to produce convict one case to raid alarm incident of escape from prison, bilateral armed conflict causes death of at least 30 people, include 10 case among them alarm.

A Diyala saves safe official to tell Xinhua News Agency the reporter, be locked up in this province metropolis Ba Gu d

oes obeisance to city a group of convict that outskirt handles a prison on the west capturing jail of 8 days of evening alarm weapon, subsequently the jail with fielding jail alarm happen intense fight, razzia jail many area and loot more weapon. Soldier of Iraqi security armed forces comes subsequently assist, appease disturbance finally at 9 days of before dawn.

This official says, share more than 150 to be accused to belong

to an extreme to organized the convict that etc horror organizes Mohammedan country to participate in this escape from prison. Fight in both sides in, more than 20 convict are shot dead, have 10 case additionally alarm die at one's post, 15 jail alarm get hurt. In addition, the convict with unknown quantity of know exactly about sth escapes jail, police is being chased with all one's strength.

Because Iraq is safe condition is exasperate, incident of large-scale collective escape from prison happens from time to tome.