Vietnam fills the sea to build the ground to build in reef of Na Sha island use at martial end establishment (graph)

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k austral Fujian to fill the sea to build the ground to build in reef of Na Sha island use at martial end establishment (graph) origin: ? Salary  ?2015-05-08 16:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

The satellitic picture that company of American number world films shows, sanded island reef undertakes Vietnam south the China in two illegal embezzlement large-scale fill the sea to make the land. Base of the moon on Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs once censured Vietnam this kind of behavior.

The graph is on filmed 2011, next graphs are the Dui Qian alluvion that filmed 2015

End of client of Xin Huaguo border understands, these satellitic pictures film came 2010 this year between April 30. Strategy of American wisdom library and international problem research center study the photograph discovers, the honest modest alluvion that Vietnam occupies in place and on the west the sea is filled to make the land on reef, build establishment.

The Asian marine diaphaneity of this wisdom library initiates project director Milalapu - Hu Po says 7 days, according to satellitic picture, vietnam is in reef fills the sea to build ground area to achieve 65 thousand square metre on the west, in Dui Qian alluvion fills the sea to build ground area to be 21 thousand square metre.

She still says, vietnam is mixed in honest modest alluvion reef builds the installation that is used at martial end on the west.

On April 29, hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses on the press conference, philippine, Vietnam individual east be in since allied country home is long-term its are illegal the austral China Sha Dao of embezzlement undertakes on reef large-scale fill the sea to build the ground and martial construction. He points out, vietnam in the sand austral China reef of 20 many islands is carried out large-scale fill the sea to make the land, synchronous built position of harbor pool, runway, missile, office building, barracks, guesthouse, beacon to wait for large quantities of fixed establishment. Vietnam still is in 10 thousand how beach, beach, Li Zhun is defended on the west beach, abstruse south the construction such as dark sand the e

stablishment such as house of many tall foot and helicopter platform.

China expresses to be deeply concerned badly and object stoutly to afore-mentioned illegal activities, the requirement stops everything to encroach the words and deeds of Chinese dominion and rights and interests instantly about the country. Hong Lei says.

To Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs make known one's position, pull general - Hu Po thinks, satellitic picture proves China is correct.

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