Weather of Indian high temperature sends 500 more than person to die highest temperature 48 ℃

According to " times of Indian Si Tan " will report on May 25, come day after day, experience of Indian much ground lasts high temperature, already caused death of 500 more than person at present. Weather of unusual high temperature brings about the body such as local people occurrence heatstroke unwell phenomenon, at present concerned branch already began to adopt answer measure.

According to the report, many areas came to India recently weather of experience high temperature, the Telunganna of Indian south highes

t temperature already amounted to state 48 ℃ . In addition, india still has many areas highest air temperature exceeds 46 ℃ , the highest temperature in Indian capital new moral character already also amounted to 43.5 ℃ . Current, high temperature weather has caused death of more than 500 people.

Say according to Indian atmosphere expert, this unusual high temperature is by dry northwest wind be caused by, current high temperature weather still will continue.

Indian medicine expert says, high temperature can bring about human body dehydrate, occurrence heatstroke. In the meanti

me, high temperature still can bring about intestines and stomach unwell, headache, the symptom such as calorific, rash and skin allergy. The doctor suggests the people notes sunstroke prevention in high temperature weather, drink more bask water, less, do not be in as far as possible hollow when go out. (Du Xiaofei of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage)