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According to message of Xin Zexi police, local time Saturday afternoon 4:30, winner of famous mathematician, nobel prize makes an appointment with Princeton university writing Nash and Nash of wife A Li Xiya are collecting fees highway dies in a taxi traffic accident.

Nash obtained division of college of Hong Kong city to learn honorary doctor's degree 2011


ssorted of Si Na of cloth of blessing agreement writing (John Forbes Nash Jr. , on June 13, 1928 - on May 23, 2015) , american mathematician, before Ma Errong of Masschusetts Institute of Technology praise instructor, main research game theory, differential geometry and slant differential equation. His theory is applied to be in biology of market economy, computation, evolution, artificial intelligence, accountant, policy and martial theory. Old age is the senior research mathematician of Princeton university. 1994, he and other because Hadezeer is vacated,two game theory learn a Yaohanhaisani and Lai obtained Nobel economics jointly award. 2015, he and Luyinilunbaige won Abbe Er award jointly.

1950, nash obtains the doctor's degree of American Princeton university, he is in that advanced a main idea in the doctoral paper of 28 pages merely, be called later namely the rich play chess with balanced Nash is academic.

The American film that showed 2001 " beautiful heart " it is to be based on Sylvia Nasar to be adapted for the homonymic memoir that Nash writes with what film. This film was obtained include optimal film prize inside 4 the Oscar Awards.

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