Because article of advance of Shanxi man cropland supervises a report to be hit into corruption to make by secretary of county Party committee win上海后花园Powere夜上海论坛d By 阿拉后花园 1 million compensation

★ 2002, monitor a report because of what a school chaos collect fees merely, the blow that secretary of county Party committee holds the post of when Tian Jinwen suffers makes reprisals, concoctive all sorts of evidence hit him into corruption to make, sentence 11 years. His wife, little brother, younger sister's husband and additionally 3 relevant personnel, all suffer embroil. Involve the serial case of much person, each suffer a wrong so, the whole nation is infrequent.

★ lets a person feel gratified is, as 18 big since correct unjust verdict stoutly, this year on April 28, court eventually Tian Jinwen of rehear change the original sentence is innocent, will make a country compensate for 1005665 to him on August 8. 68 yuan decision.

★ 18 big since, do not have Tian Jinwen only like what be on the right path afresh through change the original sentence so a person. Occupy data of top people court to show, come 4 years, countrywide various court corrects great unjust verdict lawfully in all 34 54 people, proclaim lawfully person of 3718 the accused is innocent, accept national compensation proposal nearly 17 thousand, compensatory amount is close 700 million yuan.

Before before long, CCTV broadcasts one set " law China " large newsreel, the Tian Jinwen that just takes a country to compensate for decision book one collect not be born sees end from the beginning. Look at look at, tear flowed. Arrive from the jail that be immersed in by accuse falsely after be released from[......]

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New in Jan魔都新茶论坛uary 2022 rule came to ma上海贵族宝贝sh1314ny affect the law of surface of people life square field to begin to apply

Com上海后花园论坛pose builds Chinese characteristic 龙凤419贵族宝贝aid of law of censorial official system, warmth more education of common people of press close to, family had legal basis to rose on January 1, 2022, much ministry affects the law of surface of people life square field to begin to apply.

On August 20, 2021, " People's Republic of China is censorial government-owned law " vote through, apply since January 1, 2022. Censorial official law adds up to 9 chapters 68, it is afterwards after law of censorial law, punish of service personnel government administration, what about deepening a country censorial system reforms another is legislative.

Censorial official law is a basis with constitution and censorial law, hold to liability law to locate, will censorial official walks on duty to ask incorporate, system is changed, law is changed, clear authority border, strict inside accuse a mechanism, aggrandizement ego tie, strengthen exterior supervise, be helpful for promoting censorial official to fulfill duty, correct exercise lawfully censorial authority, be helpful for promoting anti-corruption to defeat working standardization, law to change, normalization, be not dare corrupt, cannot the positive result of corrupt, sex of another principal institution that does not think corrupt an organic whole is advanced.

According to the requirement of censorial official law, the leader that censorial mechanism and personnel want various record be careful in one's conduct to accept a pa[......]

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Voting rate makes an appointment with Japanese numerous courtyard 29% voting rate are top county only 35.48%

Login register numerous courtyard of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does voting rate restrict 29% voting rate highest county only 35.48% origin: ? Travel hill?2014-12-14 19:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

According to association of Japanese send out (NHK) report, up to local time 14 days afternoon 4 when, the statistical result that Japanese general affairs saves shows, the voting rate of Boule election is 29.11% , compare with the Boul上海千花网论坛e election photograph 2012, drop 5.76% .

On December 9, the countrywide itinerate street that the Boule election that important official of each political parties and groups is Japanese the government and the public to warm up ceaselessly plays a bank note and has delivers a speech, enter final sprint phase. The graph is that day in the evening, from An Beijin of civilian party president the stations of 3 large a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale that drove jade to the county from blessing island county undertake street delivers a speech, to play a bank note from civilian party上海千花网论坛 candidate.

The statistic that Japanese general affairs saves says, the county with voting top rate is hill form county, achieve 35.48% . It is cliff hand county next, for 34.88% . Of lowest for Qiu Tian county, only 23.69% .

Local time 14 days of mornings 7 when begin, japanese Boule poll in even more 48 thousand polling booth are pulled open prelusive. Accor[......]

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Yemen air attack lasts provisionment shorts food of 1 million peoples is supplied be cut off

Login register air attack of Yemen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to last does provisionment short food of 1 million peoples supplies: of the origin that be cut off? ?2015-04-21 11:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel

In 21 report will occupy new network in April outside inter上海千花网论坛mediary reports 21 days, the action of Yemen of Saudi Arabia bomb is entered all around, rescuing orgnaization is warned, yemen front faces a humane crisis, several with 1 million plan Yemeni especially the上海千花网论坛 predicament that the common people of southern area already was immersed in the commissariat, supply that feeds water, electric power and other necessities to be cut off.

U.N. world commissariat plans Aitefa of female spokesman of the middle east of arrange and North Africa district to say: This may be the most severe crisis that Yemen was faced 10 years in the past, and condition is worsening at high speed.

Local time on April 20, 2015, yemen capital Sa meets with then air attack, water natural resources is in short supply, the people queues up to hit water with plastic bucket.

The Hu Saiwu of close Iran installs a pilot Sa cling to (Saba) news agency says at the beginning of the month, the food of Yemen churchyard is enough the demand that handles 6 months. But last as war, put a quantity to already decreased at high speed. This month 8 days, southern city inferior fourth[......]

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Now international news

The name draws Picasso " Algiers woman " pat record-breaking day price 179 million dollar

Local time on May 11, 2015, american new York, new York beautiful person must leave pat Picasso to finish the name 1955 to draw " Algiers woman (O edition) " , pass intense contest to pat, this work sends the high price that gets 179.3 million dollar, exceed it far. . .

2015-05-12 16:27 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Important official of Han confidential headquarters is suspected of divulge a secret by arrest every secret sells 1000 yuan 3

According to Korea " East Asia daily " will report on May 11, korea defends industrial corruption government investigates a group 10 days to express jointly, confidential headquarters military affairs member Bian Mou is suspected of secret of class of general group 2-3 inside data sells weapon intermediary enterprise solar public chairman Li Gui. . .

2015-05-12 16:21 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Nepalese epicenter of 7.5 class quake is located in below Mount Everest near climber camping ground

According to message of website of bureau of American geological exploration, nepalese 12 day happening 7. 4 class earthquake, the epicenter is near the climber camping ground below Mount Everest.

2015-05-12 15:46 origin: ? Salary  ?
Nepalese produce Dou Zhen of Jia Deman of 7.5 class earthquake to feel intense again

. Auspicious grand port the dust on the hill all around flies[......]

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"Disaster essence female " search for male tourist to rape and capture walks along its seminal fluid (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " disaster essence female " search for male tourist to rape and capture walks along its seminal fluid (graph) origin: Northeast net 2015-05-16 14:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

This is what the manners and morals of the time, the man begins to fear woman. They say to me actually, we do not build your car, we had not believed you. Enlighten Li tile says especially

The male that goes to African travel people, you should raise vigilance. According to British media coverage, the Zimbabwe of African south appears of late essence of a batch of disaster female, they drive to search for male tourist on highway normally, hijack its get on a car, and fill sex medicine, have sex with its forcibly. Not only such, they return capture to walk along the victim's seminal fluid, according to saying it is to be used at ritual.

The man is afraid of car be gettinged on by rape refus

Susan of 19 years old enlighten Li tile says especially, before before long, she drives to see on highway roadside has a few men that want to build a car, she stops the car want to build them one Cheng, did not think of the other side to dare not get on a car, reason is to fear to be raped.

Local media reports, the concern of those a few men is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. The near future, zimbabwe produces male tourist to be robbed to get on a c[......]

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10 meters of stages seize bright young general of You Saichao of world of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting unexpectedly gold is crying to thank a country

Login register Shan Shiyou of noise made in coughing or vomiting of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to surpass Korea young general do 10 meters of stages seize gold to crying to thank national source: unexpectedly? ?2015-07-31 11:3 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathersEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 上海千花网论坛Http:// channel

Although Ren Qian of Chinese young general and Siyajie swim in hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting,world bright and beautiful surpasses the expression in semifinal of 10 meters of stages outstanding, but accident however be seized unexpectedly by Korea player Jin Yunxiang in finals gold. This girl of 16 years old also is to appear in international competition ground first, she was picked for Korea historic world swims surpass the first gold.

Prize-giving ceremonially, jin Yunxiang is fond of extremely and sob

Jin Yunxiang is very excited, crying to say to thank a country

On the stage that receive award, jin Yunxiang is very excited, crying to say to thank a country. This mysterious a dark horse that appears in international match first says frankly after contest, chen Relin of champion of Olympic Games of Chinese diving player is his God.

Late on July 30 local time, bright and beautiful contest is in natant world of hill of 2015 noise made in coughing or vomiting the have a trial of strength that the palace on water develops diving project the 7th day. The double insura[......]

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What is cholera of Tanzania of choleraic epidemic situation epidemic situation already caused 54 people death

Xinhua net amounts to tired Sisalamu electric U.N. will be stationed in Tanzania delegate place 7 days to release a report to say on October 7, the choleraic epidemic situation that this country breaks out since August already caused 54 people death.

It is reported, this choleraic epidemic situation appears in the biggest city to amount to tired Sisalamu at first, spread to tower of great horse, lid and Mumoza to wait for 11 provinces area subsequently. According to statistic, the diagnose that calm churchyard registers now and doubt are like choleraic case of illness to already exceeded 3500.

Up to 6 days, this 上海千花网论坛the heavy disaster area of epidemic situation amounts to tired Sisalamu to discover 2668 to diagnose and doubt seem choleraic case in all, among them 33 death.

To answer epidemic situation, tanzania government already held water to include wholesome, municipal the special working group with water supply branch, hold a conference or consultation of create a precedent of weekly call together denounces countermeasure.

The report says, the main reason that this choleraic epidemic situation breaks out is drinking water is polluted. Because the infrastructure such as the water supply of Tanzania and sanitation is very weak, reckon this choleraic epidemic situation will continue to spread.

Cholera is contagion of path of bowel of a kind of acute, main symptom is the patient acuteness diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydrate, if be treated not in time, often endanger life.


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Now international news

Singapore president disbands congress to will hold general election inside 3 months

In report will occupy new network on August 25 Singapore " associated morning paper " report, singapore government announced at 3 o'clock afternoon local time, presidential Chen Qingyan already showed dragon in premier plum parliament is dissolved under the proposal, will hold general election inside 3 months. In August. . .

2015-08-25 17:17 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Spain arrests 14 with " Mohammedan country " relevant suspect

In report will occupy new network on August 25 outside intermediary report, 25 days, spain and Moroccan name and at least 14 extremes were arrested to organize Mohammedan country in operation of a combination (the person that IS) concerns, they are suspected of be defeated to Iraq and Syria. . .

2015-08-25 17:01 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
The museum inside Vietnam river " bump into a face " Shanghai world rich is met Chinese house (group plan)

Recently, the museum inside the Vietnam river that already built 5 years causes an audience for lack of item on display exiguous and cause local media attention. Meanwhile, appearance of the museum inside the river is exactly like Shanghai world rich if house of meeting China country also becomes local public opinion once more, inscribe. Have area. . .

2015-08-25 16:56 origin: ? Salary  ?
Thailand explosion case investigates of short duration to call Bangkok major monitoring[......]

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The president participates a person to atttack China to approve media in the beauty: Raise speech level please

If the time of a week lets president of American republic party participate a person to censure China, now is. Associated press sums up a week that American political field just went 29 days so. This calculates almost going up is the fixed program in American choosing battle. However with what differ before be, these censuring that expert criticize concerns in sufferring beauty of a batch of United States quickly, chinese ambassador Hong Bopei is stationed in before including the United States among them, also include Ge Laiyi of expert of senior China problem. The United States " new York Times " comment article of 28 days also says, the drain that these at the mood shedding may be brought to American interest damage, please horizontal land criticizes China.

If be elected, my general invites Chinese different to see the personage attends my inaugural ceremony. This is republic party president participates person rupee abstruse those who be aimed at China is newest make known one's position. Occupy American media 29 days to report, he is in south if can be elected as the Chinese policy that will pursue,the city elaborated Kaluolaina. Rupee abstruse criticism government of abstruse Ba Ma is right on a lot of topic for discussions China is weak, say the United States needs new Chinese policy. To this, the response says Ernest of spokesman of the White House, aobama's president and current government believe, the policy that contacts with China promoted American interest in th[......]

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