5 stars hotel is exposed to the sun " do not change a sheet not to brush closestool 上海龙凤自荐区上海贵族宝贝sh1314" newest video evaluation is oppugned as a result

Before before long, orgnaization of an independent evaluation is on the net exposure hotel of 5 5 stars class of Beijing, did not change thoroughly after the guest returns a house the bed is tasted, clean bath crock and the circumstance that closestool encircles. Involved hotel has hotel of intercontinental of 3 lis of collect of Beijing W hotel, Beijing, Beijing hotel of a person of extraordinary powers of JW10000 of hotel, Beijing mixes Hilton restaurant of lira of Beijin上海龙凤自荐区g sweet case.

This one incident caused wide attention, but the investigates an orgnaization doubt that also appeared to be called La Mei to evaluate in the light of this on the net subsequently. CCTV reporter interviewed this relevant controller that investigates an orgnaization recently, took the video that more has not announce on the net.

Investigate an orgnaization: Evaluation lets us as a result very astonish

In the video that provides a journalist in this investigation orgnaization, can see, hotel of intercontinental of 3 lis of collect of Beijing and already the Beijing rare Er of exposure pauses hotel situation is same, the bed is tasted, 4 projects are in cup of circle of bath crock, closestool, gargle after the guest returns a house, did not change clean. Restaurant of lira of sweet case of hotel of Beijing JW10000 a person of extraordinary powers, Beijing and Beijing W hotel 3 ho上海千花网论坛tels are partial project did not change clean. To bath crock and closestool circle, 5 hotels all was not clea[......]

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Group of superintend of central 夜上海最新论坛environmental protection is carried out to 20 province in 上海贵族宝贝龙凤all this year " look round "

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on December 26 in the center of report cent approved group of environmental protectio上海千花网论坛n superintend to carry out superintend to look round to 20 province in all 2018, drive solve the zoology environment problem beside masses 60 thousand many, ask duty overtake 8000 people.

By 2017, first-run what superintend of central environmental protection realized city of pair of 31 province areas of countrywide is complete enclothe. To co上海验证徐汇白妃nduct duty of pressure, squeezing ramming further, solve a problem, this year group of superintend of the first batch of 6 central environmental protection, begin superintend to look round to 10 province such as Heibei, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan; The 2nd batch of 5 superintend groups are right 10 province such as Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shaanxi begin superintend to look round.

Superintend looks round obtained concrete result. The information that zoology environment ministry publishs before this shows, the first batch looks round the problem informs against the environment of 37640 masses zoology that superintend group accepts to do a form basically already, 10 province fine 710 million yuan, talk about 3695 people about, ask duty 6219 people; The 2nd batch looks round superintend group accepts masses to inform against 38133, up to on December 6, each district already did a form 26873, fine 210 millio[......]

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Become divided of American the rich and the poor enlarges the middle class to experience tired out 10 years

Middle class of electric United States will experience Washington of China News Service 10 years when income tired out does not add on May 27, but wealthy person pocket is expanding ceaselessly however, the become divided of the rich and the poor that brings about the U上海千花网论坛nited States expands.

Net of American cable television (CNN)27 day publishs analytic article to say, consider inflationary factor, 1988 American pay taxes person average income is thirty-three thousand four hundred dollar, but arrived 2008, according to the data of bureau of American state tax, american pay taxes person average income still is 33 thousand dollar.

Meanwhile, hold American mouth the wealthy person of 1%- - year of their income in above of 380 thousand dollar, 20 years income grew 33% in the past.

Expert analysis, technical development and globalization are to cause lag of estate of American blue collar the main reason at the times, but American labor organization and the be on the wane that the labor protects also are one of reasons. American worker had 2 to become 1983 join all sorts of labor organizations, drop to 2010 1 into 2.

Globalization times, american economy by manufacturing industry to transition of service line of business, a large number of blue collar workers 50 years ago have rate of high school literacy only, but should be engaged in now " soft skill " the job, much requirement has university diploma. Meanwhile, american company undertakes inside global limits the industry is[......]

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Female cadaver case adjudges 26 years old of murderers to be sentenced 44 years to imprison in Yale wall

Login does in registering wall of Yale of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian, female cadaver case adjudge 26 years old of murderers to be sentenced 44 years to imprison origin: ? ?2011-06-07 09:2 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border5 Http://www.mnw.cn/

The Yale female doctor of be murdered installs picture of Ni happy data

Murderer carat gram is sentenced 44 years to imprison

Will report on June 4 according to American media, resounding temporarily Yale " in the wall female cadaver case " will adjudge on June 3 local time, because sansei of gram of carat of heart of Ramon of Yale lab technician murders a blame to hold water to be sentenced 44 years to imprison.

On September 8, 2009, 24 years old at that time carat gram is in the lab strangle rather with age with the pharmacological doctoral student of school Annile, it is in the wall of lab of embedded of body of victim of general of after the event. After female doctor is missing mysteriously, yale school just launchs extensive search with the FBI, its body is found finally after 5 days, subsequently the lock decided murderer carat gram.

The family of descendants of a Vietnam that the victim brings Ni to come from Er of dimension of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of Lai of California state general. On September 13, 2009, namely its body is discovered that day, it is the time that she plans to hold wedding with male friend originally, "Wedding becomes funerary " tragic[......]

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Harbor alarm how is the country in ar上海外菜会所rest 6 people this morning " harbor alone " poem o爱上海f actor He Yun is arrested

[harbor intermediary: Harbor alarm how is the country in arrest 6 people this morning, include harbor alone poem of actor He Yun] integrated east the harbor intermediary message such as net and astral island net, hong Kong alarm security of Wu place state manages staff today (29 days) arres上海千花网论坛t the news of network media footing that ever released fan Bao Wenzhang avowedly 6 high levels or before high-level personnel, they are suspected of disobeying " criminal crime byelaw " the 9th reach 10 to string together seek release incendiary journal blame, ransack to be arrested the personage's location. The report is mentioned, harbor includes in the 6 people that are arrested alone poem of actor He Yun.

Police expresses, this morning the action is to carry out by forensic basis " Hong Kong country brings a way " the 1 judicial hand that give out makes subordinate list of the 43rd executive detailed rules, ransack the area that watch a pond office of firm of one net intermediary, ransack make include accredit police to ransack the power that reachs check to take news stuff, in the action, police expedites even more in all 200 military uniforms and civilian clothes personnel, ransack the action still afoot.

The network says east, as we have learned, be arrested poems of 6 factitious He Yun, Zhong Huaquan, Zhoudazhi, Wu Aiyi, Fang Min unripe, Lin Shaotong, the trustee before 5 people are in the center, the others editor in chief of manage of 1 factitious arrange, be suspected of offer[......]

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Countrywide weather上海龙凤419论坛: Shaanxi Shanxi and other place上海419shlfs enrages Xue Tian having rain southern much precipitation

In report occupied new network on January 3 message of central observatory website, 4 days come 5 days, ministry of northwest area southeast, Huang Huai western, the north in the eastpart part of Jiang Han, Jiang Huai, southwest, Changjiang Delta will once Xue Tian enrages rain process. Among them, and other places of Jiang Huai, Changjiang Delta has small to moderate rain, bureau ground heavy rain.

Sichuan basin Guizhou and Suzhe Shanghai and other places appear big mist weather

Yesterd上海千花网论坛ay, precipitation of area of countrywide greater part is exiguous; This morning, north of south of mid, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang reachs ministry of southwest of Sichuan basin north, Guizhou, Hubei Guangdong is southwest area of part of ministry and other places appears big mist weather, bureau ground visibility is not worth 200 meters.

Weather of southern region much precipitation

4 days come 5 days, ministry of northwest area southeast, Huang Huai western, the north in the eastpart part of Jiang Han, Jiang Huai, southwest, Changjiang Delta will once Xue Tian enrages rain process. Among them, area of high height above sea level of and other places of south of ministry of northwest of the south in Shaanxi, Shanxi south, Henan, Shandong will have rain to turn sleet or light snow, and other places of Jiang Huai, Changjiang Delta has small to moderate rain, bureau ground heavy rain.

6 days come 8 days, north of southwest the eastpart part, Changjiang Delta, Hua Na has spit weather eastwards o[......]

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Explosion of Ming Sike subway already caused White Russia capital 11 dead 126 injuries

China News Service is Muscovite on April 11 message of electric Ming Sike: In the subway explosion event that Ming Sike of White Russia capital produces 11 days towards evening, dead number already rose to 11 people, 126 people are different degree gets hurt, among them 22 people the condition of an injury is serious.

Local time 17 when next 56 minutes of rush hour, ming Sike " October " subway station produces explosion. Explosion produces hour, two subways arrive at the same time. Explosive seat stands by the official mansions of Lukashenke of White Russia president and Ming Sike's biggest culture mart.

Russian towe上海千花网论坛r company earlier before the word of Lukashenke of president of cite White Russia reports, ming Sike " October " subway station explosion already brought about 11 people to die, more than 100 people are injured.

Lukashenke held urgent meeting instantly after the accident that day, ask total procuratorate takes the lead to establish the associated board of inquiry that includes security bureau of internal affairs ministry, state to wait for personnel inside instantly, make a thorough investigation of inside the shortest time all and detailed circumstance, find fierce disrelish. He instructs 上海千花网论坛director of white security bureau to be in charge of punishment case detecting the job personally.

Lukashenke expresses at the same time, he that day already with Russia president Mei Dewei Jeff understands a telephone call. It is reported, russia will send an expert to dr[......]

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Fete of officers and soldiers of British be killed in battle or assault departmental door to enhance security by extreme element

Login register be killed in battle of England of text of news of international of上海千花网论坛 center of news of the network austral Fujian fete of officers and soldiers or assault departmental door to strengthen security origin: by extreme element? Travel hill?2014-11-10 09:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the security personnel job this year also is suspected of fearing a case because of the Mohammedan extreme element that detected a few days ago and become unusually close.

In report will occupy new network on November 10 BBC (BBC)9 daily path, because information shows, the commemorative activity of fete of officers and soldiers of British be killed in battle may become the assault target of Mohammedan ultraism element, made England strengthen security personnel to work about the branch.

According to the report, important official of army and government of British queen, government and a lot of retire veteran attended to be in London the grand souvenir ceremony before peace is monumental. In addition, in Edinburgh, Kadifu and Beierfasi city of each district of special grade England also has corresponding commemorative activity.

Data picture: England holds officers and soldiers of be killed in battle every year to commemorate the commemorative activity of Sunday.

The report says, after bell of dichotomy of stand in silent tribute, british queen and infante of phenanthrene benefit general are in of member of other imperial court accom[......]

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Hillary collects fees to university speech group of 300 thousand dollar says already was preferential price

Login register Hillary of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to collect fees to university speech is group of 300 thousand dollar says already: of preferential price origin? Travel hill?2014-11-28 14:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the delegate of Hillary respect goes out to Hillary the speech made strict control, sponsor square requirement All matters to the activity.

In new network on November 28 electric United States " Washington Post " recently exposure los angeles of American California university is divided school (UCLA) and Hillary group communication, invite its to come the matters concerned of school speech, include the mail of bilateral contact and record of internal news report. The report says, hillary group make a price 300 thousand dollar, and say this is the preferential price to the school.

The graph is March 2014, hillary is in California university school of los angeles cent enters speech activity.

According to bilateral communication the record shows, hillary left off his post 2013 after post of Secretary of State, california university los angeles cent school comes with respect to active mediate Hillary school speech be related, be in finally on March 5, 2014, hillary will to this school make the presentation that heads force about the thought.

The report says, the delegate of Hillary respect goes out to Hillary the speech made strict control, sponsor square[......]

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Chinese company fisher in on fire of Guinea maritime space 2 Chinese abandon ship be missing after diving

Abbey lets xinhua net electric division offer will digest li of news on November 30: Occupy broadcasting station of Guinea country broadcast 30 days to report, local time 29 days a上海千花网论坛fternoon, the fisher of company of a China in Guinea north the city blocks Musaer to add on fire of coastal waters region, sailor of two China book abandons ship be missing after diving.

This fisher attributes part of delegate of Guinea of limited company of Chinese aquatic product. The delegate is in manager Liu Changtao to confirm to the reporter, 21 people are shared on the boat, among them sailor of 8 China book and sailor of 11 Guinea book are rescued, 2 abandon ship the Chinese book sailor of diving is missing.

Liu Changtao says, 16 ships already participated in delegate place the others to sea上海千花网论坛rch for be missing in the job of personnel, search for at present still continueing.

Local government and maritime branch, fishery branch already also joined Guinea seek the operation. Up to local time on November 30 23 when (Beijing time on December 1 7 when) , still do not have be missing Chinese nautical message.


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