Beijing su上海419shlfbway will be formed 2020 " full automatic " network of orbit tra爱上海千花网论坛ffic route

Start working of fast track of Beijing subway airport was built 2005, introduced " full automatic nobody drive " technology. This new technology that comes from foreign manufacturer ever let Beijing subway builder be astonished greatly, connect even in the network of Beijing subway route at that time slightly low first-class CBTC signal is done not have.

Alleged " full automatic " , it is train from start, car of self check, hair, move, jockey to the station, car of switch door, hair leaving a station, end, answer the library, each pace that washs a car not to need to intervene artificially, equipment automata.

After this 10 years, beijing subway construction is carried fast, also become orbit transportation industry to capture the key of difficulty, pursuant world period. After technology of own signal of CBTC of successful 2010 operation, make a person jealous in those days " full automatic " the swallow room line that also will open in the end of the year captures thoroughly cast with, become our country the first is changed independently full automatic the subway line that run, can come true nobody drive function. And what this city still has more than 200 kilometers is full automatic subway route is in construction, to 2020 the left and right sides will form a piece of network.

Subway core technology no longer person of be enslaved to be enslaved to

2013, through much square balance, the swallow room line that capital southwest has 20 kilometers to grow only is conve[......]

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Superintend of city class environmental protection will realize Beijing to be enclothed 阿拉后花园completely to 16 上海夜网论坛areas this year

Bureau of electric Beijing environ爱上海贵族宝贝论坛mental protection will report Beijing of Xinhua News Agency 12 days on September 12, beijing group of superintend of the 2nd batch of 4 environmental protection already faced south at be being garrisoned by August, Haidian, suitable justice, Chang Ping begins environmental protection superintend to work. Current, superintend of level of grade of area of the first phase ends superintend of environmental protection of class of city of the 2nd phase basically already. Superintend group h上海千花网论坛as individu上海千花网论坛al talk with 143 leaders cadre in all, accumulative total visits branch of class of area asking ask and street villages and towns 71, tone re上海龙凤阁views a data more than 14 thousand. This year, superintend of Beijing class environmental protection will come true to be enclothed entirely to 16 areas.

Up to 10 days 20 when, 4 superintend group accepts masses to inform against 2632 in all, via co上海千花网坊mbing collect, accumulative total to be handed in to do by superintend area turn do 1828, already did a form currently 1110. Instruct among them rectify and reform 675 cases, put on record is punished 200 cases, draft nearly 1.2 million yuan to punish amount, put on record is investigated 8 cases, talk about 93 person about.

According to working arrangement, at present each superintend group is combing the problem clew that already mastered further, enter sink market native place (town) superintend phase, continue to accept masses letter to visit[......]

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The State Council about " 945 " the give a上海龙凤自荐区n official that marine econ上海龙凤阁omy progress plans

The country develops innovation appoint, rich ministry:

You " send about the newspaper (send go over a manuscript or draft) ask for instructions " (hair change 2上海贵族宝贝论坛021 〕 of area 〔 1148) receive all. Show give an official to be as follows:

One, the principle agrees " 945 marine economy develop a program " (the following abbreviation " program " ) , ask serious organization to carry out.

2, " program " carry out should make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China in order to review to be guidance nearly, carry out a party deep 19 mix greatly spirit of plenary meeting of 19 all previous, insist to advance steadily上海千花网2020 working total fundamental key, phase of new development of base oneself upon, complete, accurate, comprehensive implement ne上海千花网论坛w development concept, compose builds new development structure, promote high quality development, give priority to a line in order to deepen reform of sex of supply side structure, it is primary motivation in order to reform innovation, need in order to satisfy the good life that people grows increasingly to be primary purpose, hold to systematic sense, better develop as a whole and safe, optimize distribution of marine economy space, accelerate compose to build system of contemporary and marine industry, exert oneself promotes marine science and technology own innovation capability, harmonious advance marine resource protection and development, safeguard and上海千花网论坛 extend national ocean rights and inter[......]

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Thailand ex-premier flower pull carry son and elder brother his letter visits Great Wall photograph (graph)

Service of provide for the aged of attention spr上海千花网论坛ing city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is ta上海千花网论坛ken


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British scholar affirms super world presence heads a heavenly body of room of the fitting outside the department

British scientist expresses, 581d planet puts the Gelize that common calls super e上海千花网论坛arth in really.

According to England " daily Post " will report on March 6, 581d planet size is Gelize about 3 times of the earth, it is the mankind is located in appropriate to reside the planet in the belt in the first when discover besides solar system, be called super earth. It is apart from the earth 22 light-year, calculate in the universe of vast going up is neighbour. In上海千花网论坛teresting is, the scholar ever thought it exists far from for a time in the past.

Gelize 581d around Gelize 581 revolution, and be located in in latter fitting house band, it is the mankind's potential aerospace immigrant choice, person is super the earth. The Jiliemuangelada of university of British Ma beautiful empress - dust this bend so that the professor says: 581d puts Gelize in () the issue closes great, because this is us,reside the planet that similar world discovers in the belt in another sidereal appropriate first.

581d existence ever produced Gelize for a time controversy. Astronomer was received early 2010 got the signal that 581d issues Gelize. The scholars that administrative division of American guest state establishs an university were analysed 2014 think, these signal just are apart from the noise that the other heavenly body besides 22 light-year gives out the earth, say or state with certainty Gelize 581d and its associate case benefit lustre 581g is essential nonexistent.

Nevertheless, the newes[......]

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American man abandons front courtyard of husband of 6 digit high pay to accompany a daughter to resign more advocate husband

In new network report will report 19 days according to American media on April 20, american san Francisco a man grows to witness a daughter process, resolutely the high pay that decides to abandon 6 numbers of company of science and technology, should have a family advocate husband.

Er of Ai Ye of Indian descendants man (Anand Iyer) resigns the job of company of san Francisco Threadflip, full-time family advocate after the husband, feel happy fully to the life.

Moxa Ye Er expresses, if his discovery goes to work to cover with tiles the daughter A that does not have company of too much time two years old continuously (Ava) , because every time the late night comes off work return the home, the daughter falls asleep already.

Accordingly, moxa Ye Er decides to resign the job, hold the position of a family advocate husband. He already had a few stockpiles, and in data analytic company Splun holds a post the Xi Ruiya of 34 years old of wives of the manager (Shreya) is in charge of propping up family livelihood.

Ai Ye Er points out, he is intolerable often cannot see a daughter, and acquire a balance between company staff and father part hard. Accordingly, he decides to was given in January this year on resignation.

Ai Ye Er admits, can feel disturbed sometimes, he says: I now and then meeting because of problem of domestic income and expenses all night difficult Mian. Nevertheless, because his past long period is not discontinuous,work, because this is financial,go up excess[......]

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The page was not found

Whether is this page list page or home page? Did not find approp上海千花网论坛riate text 上海千花网论坛content.[......]

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Who is John Nash? Arrange photograph of data of brief introduction of life of writing · Nash

Login who is registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to make an appointment with writing · Nash? Make an appointment with: of origin of picture of data of brief introduction of life of writing上海千花网论坛 · Nash? Zi forge?2015-05-24 23:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

According to message of Xin Zexi police, local time Saturday afternoon 4:30, winner of famous mathematician, nobel prize makes an appointment with Princeton university writing Nash and Nash of wife A Li Xiya are collecting fees highway dies in a taxi traffic accident.

Nash obtained division of college of Hong Kong city to learn honorary doctor's degree 2011

A上海千花网论坛ssorted of Si Na of cloth of blessing agreement writing (John Forbes Nash Jr. , on June 13, 1928 - on May 23, 2015) , american mathematician, before Ma Errong of Masschusetts Institute of Technology praise instructor, main research game theory, differential geometry and slant differential equation. His theory is applied to be in biology of market economy, computation, evolution, artificial intelligence, accountant, policy and martial theory. Old age is the senior research mathematician of Princeton university. 1994, he and other because Hadezeer is vacated,two game theory learn a Yaohanhaisani and Lai obtained Nobel economics jointly award. 2015, he and Luyinilunbaige won Abbe Er award jointly.

1950, nash obtains the doctor's degree of American Princeton university, he is in that[......]

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Japan polls at 20 days from election of civilian party president each clique all supports install times

In report will occupy new network on August 27 day intermediary report, japan grows Gu Yuanzhen to be mixed from civilian party a secretary i上海千花网论坛n charge of sth the wild Tian Yi of chairman of tax system investigation that holds the position of president election to manage a chairman holds a talk 27 days in party headquarters this month, affirmed with respect to election of this party president put up with will issue announcement on September 8, 20 days undertake casting plan ticket to spread out harmony.

Day intermediary says, after committee of this election management attends a meeting 28 days this month, will meet in person in charge of general affairs go up to decide schedule formally. Among them within the party bank cropland clique agrees formally already on factional congress of 27 days to support premier An Beijin president of party of 3 be reappointed consecutively.

Hero of article of cropland of bank of foreign minister of chairman of bank cropland group, Japan expresses clearly on factional congress must cogent support brings times government. His adduce this clique has bank cropland to wait to currently hold the post ofthe reason such as cabinet official 5 times.

In addition, japan appoints chairman formerly from civilian party stone, before environmental photograph stone is extended formerly shake to also disclose on factional congress bring support times. Shandong clique also affirms on factional conference support installs times.

Before, the repu上海千花网论坛tation chairm[......]

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